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Photos: Notre Dame Now Holds All Of Its Rivalry Trophies After Beating USC

Notre Dame has a long list of rivalry trophies it competes for on an annual or regular basis. After beating USC and retrieving The Jeweled Shillelagh on Saturday, the Fighting Irish are currently in possession of all six of those trophies.

Head coach Brian Kelly showed the hardware off on Twitter this evening.

">October 20, 2015

From left to right, that looks like The Legends Trophy (Stanford), The Megaphone Trophy (Michigan State), The Shillelagh Trophy (Purdue), the aforementioned Jeweled Shillelagh, The Rip Miller Trophy (Navy) and The Frank Leahy Memorial Bowl (Boston College). The Fighting Irish still have to play Stanford and BC this season, so they will be looking to hold onto those trophies in those match-ups.