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Ralph Russo Weighs In On 2017 Notre Dame vs. 2012 Notre Dame

Is this year's version of Notre Dame better than what we saw back in 2012?

Notre Dame is currently ranked No. 3 in the College Football Playoff, and it all goes well over the next three weeks, the Fighting Irish will likely be given a shot to play for a national title this upcoming January. The last time happened? Notre Dame fans might want to forget it - but it came against Alabama after the 2012 season.

Wednesday, the AP's Ralph Russo commented on the 2012 version of Notre Dame vs. the 2017 version of Notre Dame. He said he likes this year's team better.

Check it out:

Notre Dame, after the 2012 season, lost to Alabama by a score of 42-14 in the 2013 BCS National Championship Game. Oddly enough, they'd likely have to get past the Crimson Tide to win it this time around too.