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Randy Moss Says He Would Still Choose Notre Dame Today

Moss would still go to ND

Randy Moss' college history was a bit tumultuousthe star receiver started his career at Florida State before transferring to Marshall, where he ultimately finished his career and became a top NFL pick. Before choosing either of those schools, however, Moss signed his letter of intent to attend Notre Dame and coach Lou Holtz. Moss never played at Notre Dame after having his enrollment denied following a high school fight, but he remains loyal to the Irish.

In an interview with Fox Sports, Moss said that if he had to go through the recruitment process again, he'd still choose Notre Dame:

“If I could do it over again, Notre Dame would’ve probably still been there... It’s an experience I’ll never forget. That was my team.”

Another interesting tidbit in Aaron Torres' story comes from another one of Moss' top three schools, Tennessee. Moss was recruited by Super Bowl quarterback Peyton Manning, who wanted to make the high school star a Volunteer receiver:

Some kid named Peyton Manning drove back to campus during a weekend away just to host the visiting hot-shot recruit. “Peyton was in Virginia, and he came back to take me to a basketball game,” Moss said. “I don’t know how long the drive was, but I know it wasn’t 15 or 30 minutes.”

Players are usually very loyal to their alma maters, so it's interesting to see Moss speak so highly of a school he never attended.

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