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Report: NBC To Use Spectacular "FreeD" Technology For Notre Dame's Shamrock Series Game

This is going to be amazing.

Watching college football from at home on your couch is about to get even more enjoyable. NBC had already announced that it will be using "freeD" technology for the NFL's Sunday Night Football this upcoming season. Now we've heard that the technology will make its first college football appearance in Notre Dame's Shamrock Series game vs Arizona State at Cowboys Stadium:

So what is this "freeD" stuff? It's technology that allows for 360 degree replays that can be sped up, slowed down, and turned every way possible during a game, all while maintaining great picture clarity. You can check out an awesome demo video by Replay Technologies here.

The only sad thing about this is that we only get one college football broadcast (that we know of) with this technology this year. But if it ends up being as cool as we expect, all major networks will be getting on board with this soon.