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Report: Numerous Notre Dame Players Skip Postgame Alma Mater, Booed By Students


Update: The players reportedly left the field due to a policy change that occurred two years ago (Notre Dame did not lose a home game last season) -- apparently the student body didn't get the memo:

Earlier: This evening, Notre Dame suffered its second defeat of the season, falling to the Oklahoma Sooners 35-21. The loss obviously stings for the Irish, as it officially puts an end to any dreams of a return to the BCS National Championship Game.

The players, predictably, were very upset after the game. So upset that a large number of them decided to skip the postgame singing of the alma mater -- a sacred tradition at Notre Dame, win or lose. As a portion of the team decided to "opt out" of ritual, boos cascaded upon them from the student body:

Losses are certainly frustrating, but players in the past (including many on this team) found a way to battle through the pain to sing with the student body that supports them unconditionally. It's easy to see why the students voiced their displeasure.