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Sources: Manti Te'o Allegedly Tried To Fight His Former Teammate's Father Saturday Night

A tough week for Manti.

Former Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o was allegedly involved in an altercation this past Saturday night at CJ's Pub in South Bend. The star defensive player, who has yet to be selected in this year's NFL Draft, was back on campus to attend his alma mater's Spring Game.

According to sources, Te'o exchanged heated words with a former teammate's father - Carlo Calabrese Sr. The two eventually needed to be separated by fellow patrons at the establishment.

An employee at CJ's told us that the incident is being blown out of proportion, and that they couldn't comment any further. But we spoke directly with one source who was next to Te'o when the alleged altercation occurred:

"I was literally right at the bar next to him waiting on my drinks, so I saw/heard the whole thing. Manti was at the bar, I'm assuming to get a drink, when an older guy came up to him. He said something to Manti, and Manti didn't hear him so he leaned in so the older guy could repeat himself. Whatever he said, Manti went off. He started yelling and cussing the older guy out, saying "I will **** you up pops". People were getting in between the two, and most were trying to calm Manti down, but he just kept advancing on the guy."

At that point, the source says security had to get involved.

"Security came over and to my surprise, grabbed the older guy. He wasn't even saying or doing anything at that point. Manti was still trying to push past people to get at him."

We reached out to representatives of both parties, who gave no response.