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The 20 Most Valuable College Football Programs, According To Forbes

Every year, Forbescalculates the value of college football's various programs. For the seventh year in a row, the Texas Longhorns have come out on top, despite another mediocre season. In fact, according to Forbes' Chris Smith, Texas' value rose 16-percent this year.

Texas’ team value is up 16% this year to $152 million, and that climb to the stratosphere should hardly be a surprise at this point. Last season Texas generated an unprecedented $121 million in revenue; the Longhorns remain the only college football team to ever break the $100 million revenue mark, which they’ve done for four straight years. Even more staggering: The team booked $92 million in profit. Alabama, arguably the most popular team in the nation, only managed revenue of $97 million.

Texas has long been the financial behemoth of college football, followed by Notre Dame. No. 3 this year was a bit of a surprise: the Tennessee Volunteers.


— Chris Smith (@ChrisSmith813)

College Football's Most Valuable Teams 2015: Texas, Notre Dame And...Tennessee? @Forbes

— Chris Smith (@ChrisSmith813) December 22, 2015

">December 22, 2015

Yet, as we’ll get into below, our valuation methodology relies heavily on team earnings directed toward academics and other athletic programs. And while most SEC teams saw a sizable boost in revenue this year, none were as good as Tennessee at maximizing their bottom line and filling their athletic department’s coffers (only Kentucky, Missouri, Vanderbilt and Mississippi State spent less than the Vols). The Volunteers had a profit margin of 74% of revenue last year, second only to Texas. Just seven other teams in the nation earned more than 60% of revenue.

Here is the full Top 20:

1. Texas - $152 million
2. Notre Dame - $127 million
3. Tennessee - $121 million
4. LSU - $111 million
5. Michigan - $105 million
6. Georgia - $102 million
7. Ohio State - $100 million
8 Alabama - $99 million
9. Oklahoma - $96 million
10. Auburn - $89 million
11. Penn State - $81 million
12. Arkansas - $80 million
13. Washington - $78 million
14. Oregon - $75 million
15. Florida - $72 million
16. Texas A&M - $71 million
17. Florida State - $70 million
18. South Carolina - $69 million
19. Michigan State - $67 million
20. USC - $66 million