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The 10 Best College Sports Pranks From April Fools' Day 2015

April Fools' Day is a treacherous one on the internet. Any story or link can be a gag, even those that are very well disguised. There is also a solid chance that you've gotten your yearly fill of Rick Astley already. The college sports world is always full of funny, and often annoying, gags on April Fools' Day, and today was no different. Here are ten of our favorites:

1.) Jim McElwain and Florida President W. Kent Fuchs Trade Jobs:

Not every April Fools' Joke has to trick people, but they can still be very funny. Florida head coach Jim McElwain traded jobs with UF President W. Kent Fuchs for the day, and both looked to have a pretty good time seeing how the other lives. The video that the university released is also priceless:


University of Florida @PresidentFuchs, @CoachMcElwain Switch Jobs

— FLORIDA (@UF) April 1, 2015

">@CoachMcElwain Switch Jobs

— Univ of Florida (@UF)

University of Florida @PresidentFuchs, @CoachMcElwain Switch Jobs

— FLORIDA (@UF) April 1, 2015

">April 1, 2015

No. 2 - Reveille Banned From Kyle Field >>>2.) Reveille Banned From Kyle Field:Texas A&M blog Good Bull Hunting put together a "Breaking News" report that states that adorable school mascot Reveille would not be allowed at Kyle Field after its renovation because of a Brazos County building ordinance. They even included a pretty convincing inspection report sheet, which features "no evidence of rodents/other animals" as a requirement:Well played, GBH.No. 3 - Jameis Winston Shoplifts Again >>>3.) Jameis Winston Shoplifted Scented went strong with its fake news report, taking a jab at former star quarterback Jameis Winston and his extensive off-field history. The website published a fake report that the NFL Draft hopeful stole scented markers to investigate a claim that the smells had been greatly improved:

According to a recent report, former Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston has been arrested for shoplifting from a Hobby Lobby, just a day after Winston impressed scouts at Florida State's Pro Day. He has been mentioned as a potential No. 1 overall pick, but with this latest off-field incident, his draft stock may have taken a hit. Winston said that the crime was not intentional, but instead a necessary evil in the pursuit of truth. When reading to a class of second graders, he was informed that the new Mr. Sketch scented markers had improved their scents by 76 percent, a claim that he found plausible at best. After a heated discussion, Winston decided he would take matters into his own hands.

The report also includes Winston's blog reviews of each flavor, and is definitely worth a read.No. 4 - Maryland Recruit Decommits >>>4.) Maryland Blue Chip Signee Adam McLean Decommits To Play In The SEC:National Signing Day was back in February, so unless there is a waiver granted, players who have signed to schools are probably locked in to go there. That didn't stop four star defensive tackle Adam McLean from putting a scare into the Maryland faithful, with a string of tweets about his decommitment and intention to play in the SEC. He even included the ubiquitous "I appreciate everything from UMD" and "this is the best thing for me" tweets. Clearly, he's seen a few decommitments on Twitter before. Luckily for Terps fans, as we expected, it was a hoax.

">April 1, 2015

No. 5 - Olbermann To Give Speech At PSU >>>

5.) Keith Olbermann To Deliver Penn State Commencement:

Did Keith Olbermann bury his hatchet with Penn State after lashing out about their THON fundraiser, and agree to deliver the school's commencement address? Of course not, check your calendars. Nittany Lions blog Onward State published a report that the ESPN personality had agreed to deliver the speech after seeing the school's "PITIFUL" lineup of speakers. 

Keith Olbermann surprised the seven viewers of his show today, announcing that he will speak on campus next month at the College of Communications’ Commencement ceremony on May 9.

“I thought Penn State’s speaker lineup was…PITIFUL,” Olbermann said, followed by 10 seconds of snickering. “And since I’m so generous, philanthropic, cool, smart, generous, always correct in everything I say, and cool, I decided I’d help out.”

Olbermann has apologized for his tirade, but there is definitely still some animosity coming his way from Happy Valley.

No. 6 - Nebraska Home-And-Home With YSU >>>

6.) Nebraska Schedules Home-And-Home With Youngstown State:

File this one in the "casual fans could have bought this" folder. Nebraska blog Corn Nation posted that football program had agreed to a 2017/2020 home-and-home series with Youngstown State. Of course, this is definitely not the case for two reasons. 1.) A power conference team would never play a road game against an FCS program, and 2.) Youngstown State's head coach Bo Pelini was just fired from Nebraska, and the breakup was not amicable. 

Corn Nation also got some fake quotes from Pelini:

"I'm not going to comment any further than to say that this is a good chance for both schools," Pelini said. "I'm happy we could make this happen. But at the end of the day, the opponent doesn't matter. We can't point to a specific opponent. We have to point the thumb and figure out ways to make ourselves better and to make Youngstown State a better program."

Unfortunately for @FauxPelini, this was a hoax.

No. 7 - Tony Bennett To Retire >>>

7.) Tony Bennett Stepping Away From Basketball:

Virginia fans are very defensive when it comes to their team's, well, defensive style of play. In the wake of criticism that the Cavaliers' suffocating pack-line defense makes the game boring, fans wore various "not boring" shirts and brought signs to support the team's preferred style.

For April Fools', The Cavalier Daily put together a pretty humorous article about head coach Tony Bennett stepping away from the sport in order to save it:

“I’ve thought long and hard about this over the past week,” Bennett said. “After reflecting on the matter and speaking with my father — pack-line innovator Dick Bennett — I reached the conclusion that a system built around suffocating defense, efficient offense and the five pillars of humility, passion, unity, servanthood and thankfulness is ruining the game that I love.”

ACC fans likely wish this were true, after watching the Cavaliers dominate in conference for two seasons.

No. 8 - Kentucky's 2012 Title Vacated >>>

8.) Kentucky's 2012 National Championship Vacated, Awarded to Kansas:

The Daily Kansan's April Fools' article doubles as some serious wishful thinking. Fair or not, many have branded John Calipari as a cheater because of his vacated wins at both UMass and Memphis. Calipari was never cited as being involved with either scandal, but either way, many assume the worst when it comes to Calipari's next-level recruiting acumen. He has already used elite talent to capture one national title, in 2012 against Kansas with stars like Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist on the roster. Noted Daily Kansas writer "Slim Shady" broke the huge fake news that Kentucky's 2012 title has been vacated, and reawarded to the Jayhawks.