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The 10 College Football Fan Bases With The Worst Reputations

Not all college football fan bases are created equal - that's for sure. And over time, fair or not, each specific fan base develops some sort of reputation - whether it's generally regarded as positive, negative or indifferent. 

There are a number of programs that have a hard time combatting some of the actions of their fans. Sometimes it's because of heinous or ridiculous acts. Sometimes it's because of arrogance or entitlement. Sometimes it has to do with supporters being a bit fair-weather. Whatever the reason, it's fair to say that there are a number of fan bases that are universally despised.

We've gone through and put together a list of the 10 college football fan bases with the worst reputations. Who made it?

10. Ohio State Fans

Is it possible to have a little brother syndrome when you're a fan base of a program with seven national titles and five BCS bowl wins, the most of any program? Because that's what many around the country seem to believe about Ohio State's fan base.

The Buckeyes have been one of college football's best programs over the last decade, but because of the Big Ten's submission into mediocrity (or worse), and the rise in the dominance of the SEC, many Ohio State loyalists feel the need to speak up when their team is getting criticized. There's a bias towards the SEC, they say. Ohio State is just as talented as any team in the South, they'll claim.

To many people outside Columbus, this comes across as whiny.

">October 18, 2014

And if they're not whiny, they're jealous.

This season, it hasn't been much different. Ohio State, at 9-1, 6-0 in the Big Ten, is ranked No. 8 in the College Football Playoff rankings. The Buckeyes are behind a one-loss SEC team, two one-loss Big 12 teams and two one-loss Pac-12 teams. The "whining" and "jealously" has been present, but Ohio State is actually a team many believe to be worthy of a CFB Playoff spot, so Buckeye fans should probably quiet down a bit. If Urban Meyer's squad does end up in the CFB Playoff, Ohio State fans won't have anything to whine or be jealous about, and perhaps then, their reputations will improve. No. 9 - Miami (FL) Fans >>>9. Miami (FL) FansDoes the Miami football program even have a fan base? The Hurricanes were one of college football's biggest powers during the early 2000s, but since the latter part of that decade and the beginning of the 2010s, South Florida's premiere college football team has been mediocre, at best. Their fans, according to their reputation, have been even worse. Mostly, they just don't show up to games. In 2013, Miami averaged roughly 50,000 fans a game (officially), though the pictures of Sun Life Stadium on game day told a different story. This year, it's been just as bad.

">@EmptySeatsPics: Announced attendance of 51,702 at the Miami's homecoming game today.

@EmptySeatsPics: Announced attendance of 51,702 at the Miami's homecoming game today.

— Kevin A (@Mister856) November 12, 2014

">@TheRealSperlkok — Kevowins (@Mister856)

@EmptySeatsPics: Announced attendance of 51,702 at the Miami's homecoming game today.

— Kevin A (@Mister856) November 12, 2014

">November 12, 2014

For the reputation of Miami's fan base to improve, there is a pretty simple situation. Just start going to games.

No. 8 - Georgia Fans >>>

8. Georgia Fans

Out of all of the SEC's crazed, rabid fan bases, Georgia fans likely have the reputation of being the most vile and least hospitable.

Part of that probably has to do with this guy:

A lot of it has to do with the reported treatment of visiting fans in Athens, Ga. On Monday, an Auburn fan wrote an open letter to Georgia fans on Reddit, detailing his experience both in town and at Sanford Stadium during the Tigers' game against the Bulldogs this past weekend.

Basically, he and his fellow Auburn fans had a miserable time, and it had much more to do with the way Georgia fans acted towards them (they were barked at) than it did how the Tigers played in defeat.

The experience we (my group of friends) had in Athens this weekend was - in a word - awful. Not because of the game, but because of the way we were treated. I am asking UGA fans to remedy this as best they can in future games.

The comments on the Reddit thread were just as damning:

Don't get me wrong, I love Athens and I love Gamedays, but some fans need to go back to their trailers and natty light and just watch the game at home. Even other UGA fans get annoyed by them.


I wrote an open letter to our fanbase in in 2008 after the Bama blackout. I was completely appalled at our fans reactions. They were throwing glass liquor bottles from the upper student section INTO the lower student section. A girl got hit in the head and had to be taken to the hospital.

For the sake of their reputation (whether or not it's a true representation), Georgia fans should probably attempt to make sure stuff like this doesn't happen.

No. 7 - USC Fans >>>

7. USC Fans

There is not a college football team in America with more celebrity fans than USC. People like Will Ferrell and Snoop Dogg are frequently seen on the sidelines of Trojans games. This is pretty notable, just because it's cool that big names like to support the school.

However, in a way, that's also what is bad about USC fans. In college football, fan bases are usually notable for being loud and rabid supporters of their team. In USC's case, its fan base is known for being filled with stars who occasionally venture onto the sidelines of the LA Coliseum. Trojans fans are considered to be an apathetic, quiet group that doesn't go to games unless the team is really good. Just look at the absolutely horrible attendance at the team's game against Cal on Thursday, when the Coliseum what seemed like a handful of supporters in the stands.

In a town where success is judged by championships, it's not surprising that fan support at Trojans games is usually tied to success on the field. It just means that there will always be a reason to criticize USC fans.

No. 6 - LSU Fans >>>

6. LSU Fans

No, LSU's ranking has nothing to do with corn dogs. Sorry, Katy Perry.

But you'd be hard-pressed to find a school with a wilder fan base than LSU. Passion is usually a great thing when you're talking about college football fans, but for the Tigers, it is taken to another level. For example, when asked to name the most annoying fan base in the sport, former Auburn RB Tre Mason called LSU fans "ratchet" and claimed that they were tied with those from Auburn's biggest rival, Alabama. This is a common sentiment among opposing fans, as LSU fans are considered some of the most vicious in the country.

The perfect example? With Alabama and LSU tied in overtime in Baton Rouge earlier this season, Tigers fans chanted "f*** you Saban" to Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban. Sure, it was most likely students. But it still reflects negatively on the entire group.

If you're an LSU fan, or if you're just in Baton Rouge to see a football game, you will be treated with hospitality and experience quite possibly the best stadium environment in American sports. It'll be memorable if you're wearing a rival jersey, too. It would probably just be for the wrong reasons.

No. 5 - West Virginia Fans >>>

5. West Virginia Fans

When the West Virginia Mountaineers win a big game, their fans riot and burn couches. When the West Virginia Mountaineers lose a big game, their fans riot and burn couches. When it comes to reacting to a game, WVU fans don’t do anything halfway, and many other fans are a bit worn out by it. Huge celebrations after big wins are usually welcomed by the general college football fan base. No one criticized the giant field rushes from last year’s Iron Bowl or Ole Miss’ win over Alabama this season, but when West Virginia is constantly burning furniture and freaking out after games, it gets a bit old. 

WVU fans have also gained a poor reputation for other reasons. In 2011, two LSU fans from Pittsburgh, including a woman who was 22 weeks pregnant, were assaultedwhile sitting in traffic trying to leave Morgantown after the Tigers’ win over the Mountaineers. Their fans have been caught throwing things at opposing players during football and basketball games, to the point where they’ve been called out by WVU players and coaches. In 2011, Louisville decided against sending its cheerleaders and dance team to Morgantown due to safety concerns. 

Obviously, not every West Virginia fan acts this way, but complaints have become so commonplace about the fans in Morgantown, that there may be no changing the reputation that the school’s fans have earned. If you ask a select few, they may not want it any other way.

No. 4 - Notre Dame Fans >>>

4. Notre Dame Fans

The nasty secret about many Notre Dame fans? They didn’t go to Notre Dame. Many probably have never even been near South Bend, Indiana. While being a graduate is definitely not the be-all, end-all when it comes to college football, Notre Dame, more than perhaps any other school, has the reputation of having a huge bandwagon fan base.

Rooting for Notre Dame is easy. ND has a sweetheart deal with NBC that ensures that every one of its games is on national television. The program has a ton of history, even though none of the history that is worth remembering is recent at all. There is a built in connection to Catholicism and Irish culture which draws in many fans. Yes, those are two completely arbitrary things to justify fandom with. Yet, they are major reasons for the massive brand that Notre Dame has built.

If Notre Dame had more recent success, maybe it would be easier to deal with the crazy number of people that follow the program. However, Notre Dame has been, for the most part, an above-average program at best since Lou Holtz left South Bend. Since 1997, when Bob Davie took over the program, the Irish have won 61.4% of their games. Many teams would sign for that, but it is not exactly indicative of a powerhouse program. Notre Dame is also 16-17 in bowl games, and have lost 11 of its last 14. When put on the biggest stage, the Irish often come up small. Irish fans continue to fall back on the program’s 11 claimed national championships, but when the most recent one came almost a decade before current recruits were born, they will continue to mean less and less. 

No. 3 - Penn State Fans >>>

3. Penn State Fans

Let's be clear - long before the Sandusky scandal, Penn State fans had a bad reputation. There are plenty of stories that involve absurd cheers, projectiles, and, yes, urine-filled balloons. This year, Ohio State players accused Nittany Lions fans of blowing air hornsoutside their hotel the night before their game.

Most Penn State fans condemn everything that happened related to the Jerry Sandusky scandal, including the possibility that Joe Paterno may have been an enabler to the situation. But not all Nittany Lions supporters seem to be on the same page, and the whole fan base gets killed for it.

When the Sandusky scandal first hit, much of the criticism centered around the idea that Penn State had a cultural problem - mainly that the football team was far too protected. Since, we've seen a number of fans continuing to praise the late Paterno, and whether that's right or wrong, it's casting a bad light on the group. There have been shirts sold in his honor. There have been (and will be) statues built in his honor. Heck, when PSU was taken off of its sanctions just a few months ago, students were seen on video chanting his name. So yes, while much in Happy Valley has changed for the better, there is still a bit of a stigma placed on the school and its fans.

No. 2 - Florida State Fans >>>

2. Florida State Fans

If you're well-versed with social media, then you know all about #FSUTwitter. Whenever something critical is said about the Seminoles, they come out in droves. They've been in a battle with ESPN virtually the entire 2014 season. Last week, they somehow got a New York Times article flagged as spam. Go ahead, try tweeting something negative about FSU - they'll find you.

Why are Florida State fans always up in arms? Well, for one, because they don't play in the SEC, they don't get nearly as much praise or airtime as some of the other big programs down South. Even head coach Jimbo Fisher claimed as much. Second, before the 2014 season, Florida State was generally criticized for being an "overrated" program - at least based on expectations vs. results. The combination has led to a feisty fan base.

Plus, with Jameis Winston's inability to keep himself out of the news the past two years, they've had to band together to show support for their players. Right or wrong, they're a force to be reckoned with. That's not a good reputation to have.

No. 1 - ??? >>>

1. Alabama Fans

Alabama fans are a passionate bunch, and at times, that's been a bad thing. No, not all Crimson Tide supporters fit into this category, but there are enough instances out there to warrant their No. 1 ranking. Plus, the whole "Roll Tide" thing, for non-Alabama fans, is usually met with a rolling of the eyes.

Harvey Updyke's poisoning of Toomer's Oaks at Auburn is easily the most embarrassing story involving a Tide fan, but there are others. In 2012, one Alabama fan was convicted after "teabagging" an LSU supporter following the BCS National Championship Game. This past May, an Alabama fan, right after being busted for drug possession, told officer "I'm innocent, Roll Tide" on video. Last November, a substitute teacher who was arrested for heroine did the same. Yes, every fan base seems to have a few bad apples. Alabama's seems to have a few more than most, for whatever reason.

Alabama is one of the most envied programs in America, so there is bound to be some natural hatred for the fan base. But that's clearly not the only reason that Tide fans have the worst reputation in college football.

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