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The 10 Most Aggressive Fan Bases In College Football

The 2017 college football campaign is just three months away. Let's take a look at which fan bases you'll be hearing the most from this season.

10. Notre Dame

Notre Dame football fans are a proud bunch, so don't cross one of the most historic programs in all of college football. Oh, and don't try telling a ND fan the Fighting Irish will have to eventually join a Power 5 conference if they want to survive, because "WE" don't "HAVE" to do anything. Who needs a conference when you have tradition and NBC anyways?

You may have to go back to the '80s to find Notre Dame's last national title or Heisman Trophy winner, but the proud fan base will happily remind you of the program's rich history.9. LSUThe most intimidating stadium environment in college football resides in Baton Rouge, so it only makes sense that Tigers fans make the list. That southern hospitality only lasts so long during football Saturdays on the bayou. 

After Les Miles' firing last year, Ed Orgeron likely only has a season or two to endear himself to the LSU faithful.

8. Michigan

Michigan fans may have been somewhat dormant during the last decade or so, but that's no longer the case. With all the hype surrounding head coach Jim Harbaugh - and his forward personality - the fan base has exploded back onto the scene. They also still rep Tom Brady like crazy.

Since Harbaugh's hire, Wolverines fans have not hesitated when it comes to defending their head coach and his unique tactics. There may be no fan base in college football as riled up as the Wolverines.7. Texas A&MTexas A&M has dealt with some concerning news on the recruiting trail over the past couple years, leading Aggies fans to come in the defense of the program. It's a proud group that becomes the 12th Man on college football Saturdays in College Station. They also love going after Seahawks fans about stealing the 12th Man phrase.

Whether it's fighting off Longhorns fans or just fighting the good fight, A&M fans are an aggressive bunch on social media, constantly trying to prove their worth in one of the best football states in America. The Aggies may not have taken advantage of Texas' down years just yet, but that hasn't stopped fans from protecting their proud tradition.

6. Alabama

People always want to come after you when you're on the top, and that's no different for the Alabama Crimson Tide. No program in college football has accomplished what Alabama has over the last decade, winning four national titles during that time. So with the hate comes the opportunity to defend the program, and 'Bama fans aren't shy about it. And they love rubbing their success in your face.

And don't try comparing Urban Meyer to Nick Saban while in Tuscaloosa either, or anywhere in the South for that matter. Whether it's on social media or with feet on the ground, Crimson Tide fans are some of the proudest and most aggressive fans in college football.5. FloridaGators fans are constantly fighting a battle with Florida State fans and Miami fans in what is one of the best college football states in the country. With three major Power 5 programs in the state, being territorial is the name of the game in Florida. 

Florida fans are aggressive on social media and don't pull any punches when coming in defense of their favorite team. They also put together one of the most underrated stadium experiences in all of college football. Just enter The Swamp on a college football Saturday and you'll find out why.

4. Clemson

Clemson fans got the ultimate satisfaction in 2016, redeeming themselves against Alabama to bring home their first national title since 1981. As you'd imagine, they have the upper hand on rival South Carolina right now too.

And you can't talk about the Clemson fan base without complimenting the stadium experience on college football Saturdays. Easily one of the best in college football, Clemson's Death Valley is one of the loudest, most-aggressive experiences in the country.3. Ohio StateDespite being one of the premier programs in college football, Ohio State fans find themselves constantly defending their team against the likes of SEC fans. But Buckeyes fans hold their own, shutting down any debate of scheduling. One of the largest and most dedicated fan bases in all of college football, Ohio State's social media presence can be aggressive and overwhelming at times.

But it's more than just coming out to argue about their favorite team - Ohio State fans also put together one of the best game day experiences in the country. Just do yourself a favor if ever attending a game in Columbus and don't question the greatness of head coach Urban Meyer.

2. Penn State

Penn State fans are some of the most loyal fans in all of college football. That much is perfectly on display in Happy Valley during each and every home game. Though, the program has come under more scrutiny since 2011, leading to an even more defensive and aggressive fan base. A resurgent 2016 season helps the cause.

On social media, Nittany Lions fans won't hesitate to defend their beloved program. And although legendary head coach Joe Paterno has also come under attack in recent years, there are a large group of fans fighting to get his statue back up on campus. 1. Florida StateThe most aggressive fan base in college football has to be Florida State's. Even though FSU Twitter has died down a bit since the departure of former Heisman Trophy-winner Jameis Winston, Seminoles fans won't hesitate to defend their football team, and don't hold anything back either. It's to the point that, when anything negative is said about the 'Noles, people almost anticipate seeing FSU Twitter come out like Gotham City PD just used the bat signal. 

FSU fans' aggressive nature can be seen on game days, too. Don't show up to Doak Campbell Stadium in enemy colors and expect to be left alone. Constantly battling Florida and Miami fans, and then defending their team as one of the nation's best against fans that point to the ACC as the reason for their success, Seminoles fans are a rough and rowdy bunch.