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The 5 Most Overrated Teams In The Week 13 Coaches’ Poll

Some of the most overrated teams in CFB according to the coaches pull.

Once again, college football proved to be unpredictable this past weekend, providing fans with major upsets, overtime thrillers and wild finishes as time expired. Nine top-25 teams were defeated - two in the top 10, shaking things up in the latest Coaches' Poll in a major way. 

Michigan State went into Columbus and handed Ohio State its first loss of the season, thanks to a 41-yard field goal as time expired, likely ending the Buckeyes' chances of defending their title. After a heartbreaking loss at the hands of Oklahoma, Baylor bounced back in Stillwater and put an end to Oklahoma State's undefeated season, 45-35, dropping the Cowboys in the polls. Ole Miss ran through LSU, making for the Tigers' third consecutive loss, and Houston's undefeated season came to an end at UCONN.

Two teams from last week's overrated list fell in defeat, as Ohio State's 22-game win streak came to an end and Utah lost to an unranked UCLA, and a couple more may follow suit this weekend. Florida escaped with an overtime victory against FAU, Oklahoma was a TCU two-point conversion away from its second loss of the season, and North Carolina needed overtime to escape an upset against Virginia Tech. 

A number of teams remained on cruise control without any challenges, while others narrowly escaped defeat. We’ll continue to work our way through the Coaches’ Poll each week to find the impostors and bring more significance to the rankings that have been earned. Don’t believe everything you see in the polls.

5th Most Overrated: No. 3 Iowa >>>

5. No. 3 Iowa

Most would [rightfully] argue that an undefeated Iowa belongs at No. 6, but I'm not one of those people. Iowa is not one of the six best teams in the country, and would likely lose to a handful of teams ranked behind it, like Oklahoma, Michigan State and Baylor, just to name a few.

The Hawkeyes, though, will face their toughest competition to date in the 5-6 Cornhuskers this weekend in Lincoln, Nebraska. That's right - a barely-above-.500 team will be their toughest competition to date. That's why Iowa makes this list. 

Regardless of what happens this weekend against Nebraska, everything will work itself out. Iowa will run into plenty of trouble in the BIg Ten title game against whichever team it faces between Michigan State, Ohio State and Michigan. And if the Hawkeyes somehow make it through that, one thing is a guarantee - this team has absolutely no chance at winning the title. Period. 

Whether you believe this undefeated team deserves to be at No. 6 or not, it is not one of the six best teams in the country.

4th Most Overrated: No. 4 Notre Dame >>>

4. No. 4 Notre Dame

Notre Dame turned the ball over five times against a 3-8 Boston College team, which happens to have the nation's No. 1 defense, narrowly escaping defeat, 19-16, in Fenway Park Saturday night. The Irish have managed to win every game of the season outside of the loss against No. 1 Clemson, but still lack the feel of a top-5 team. 

Notre Dame's title hopes could be dashed this weekend against Stanford - a team that has won three of the last five meetings. ND has been vulnerable on several occasions, and the Cardinal may be just the team to bring an end to the luck of the Irish. 

While it seemed to be a challenge before the season began, Notre Dame's schedule has turned out to be fairly underwhelming, outside of the game against Clemson. Texas has been a mess, Georgia Tech turned out to be a phony and USC has been a shell of what its talent should produce. Wins over these teams would normally be impressive, but not this year. 

The Irish are not one of the five best teams in the country, and Stanford could very well put an end to that discussion on Saturday night. 

3rd Most Overrated: No. 22 Mississippi State >>>

3. No. 22 Mississippi State

Why are we still talking about Mississippi State? Because it beat Arkansas? Because they're in the SEC? I'm just as tired talking about the Bulldogs as you are reading about them, believe me. And as I've said before, this is not a top-25 team. 

On the surface, it may seem that Mississippi State has merely lost to three ranked teams including No. 2 Alabama, but there's more to it than that. Two of those losses came against Texas A&M and LSU - a pair of teams that have combined for six losses on the year, and some not-so-pretty one at that. 

The Bulldogs needed the entire game to put away a 6-5 Arkansas team Saturday night, revealing major holes in their defense. If MSU doesn't sure up some of those holes, it may run into problems this weekend against a mediocre Ole Miss team that possesses explosive capabilities on the offensive side of the ball. 

Mississippi State does not belong in the top-25, even if its in the SEC. 

2nd Most Overrated: No. 25 Utah >>>

2. No. 25 Utah

Utah has lost three of its last five games, and all against teams outside of the top 25, but we're still here talking about the Utes as if they're a top-25 team. Thy're not.

Instead of judging Utah on the product its putting on the field today, the voters still seem to be hung up on the early wins against a Michigan team that had not yet found its rhythm, an Oregon team that has been underwhelming and a Cal team that has proved to be extremely inconsistent. This should not be the case, so don't buy what they're selling. 

At this point, they're just looking for teams to fill empty spots, and Utah appears to be one of those teams. 

This is not one of the 25 best teams in the country, and the Utes have done nothing to prove otherwise. 

Most Overrated Team In Week 13 Coaches' Poll >>>

1. No. 9 Florida

Anybody who has watched this team over the past few weeks would probably agree - this is not one of the 10 best teams in the country, and they'll run into problems this weekend against Florida State.

The Gators have struggled against terrible teams in Vanderbilt, South Carolina and FAU over the last three weeks, needing overtime to take down the Owls in Gainesville this past weekend. It has been ugly, and Florida's offense has been atrocious. On top of the struggles-turned-victories, UF's only loss of the season came at the hands of an LSU team that has dropped its last three games, taking away any argument of a "quality loss."

The SEC East has been horrible this season, making it easy for Florida to caption the division title and earn a trip to the SEC Championship. But the Gators have no chance against Alabama. None. And problems may arise before then. 

Florida State comes to town this weekend having won the last two meetings against the Gators - and four of the last five - and again look to be a major threat this weekend in Gainesville. Not only will FSU running back Dalvin Cook cause trouble for Florida, but FSU's defense will force Treon Harris to win the game for the Gators, something he has not yet proven to be capable of. 

This is not one of the 10 best teams in the country.

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