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The 5 Most Overrated Teams In The Week 3 Coaches' Poll

We already have quite a bit of movement in the polls after a weekend packed full of wild finishes and sub-par performances. Three teams made top-25 debuts, while three others dropped out of the rankings all together. Of the five teams that made up last week's overrated list, two of them fell in defeat this past weekend - and another may follow suit on Saturday. Now that the dust has settled, it's clear there are some things that don't make sense in this week's Coaches' Poll. But some things do add up.

Previously ranked No. 18 Arkansas, No. 22 Boise State and No. 23 Tennessee are no longer members of the top-25 after falling this past weekend, while Michigan State - after toppling Oregon - jumped Baylor in the rankings and now sits in the No. 4 spot.

A few teams continued to slip by without being tested, while others suffered injuries that will certainly change the outlook on their seasons. But many have proved worthy of their rankings and continue to hold strong. We'll continue to work our way through the Coaches' Poll each week to find the impostors and bring more significance to the rankings that have been earned. Don't believe everything you see in the polls.

Here are the five most overrated teams in this week's poll.

5th Most Overrated: Florida State >>>

5. No. 6 Florida State

Yes - the Seminoles have won 31 of their last 32 games, including three consecutive ACC titles and the last-ever BCS National Championship in 2013. And yes - FSU has brought in top-10 recruiting classes every year under head coach Jimbo Fisher, stockpiling talent all over the field. But FSU's performance last week against USF was concerning, and it looks like star running back Dalvin Cook will have to carry a heavy load if the Seminoles want to make a splash in 2015. 

Against the Bulls, FSU's offense only managed 175 yards of offense outside Dalvin Cook's 266 rushing yards and three touchdowns, on the way to a 34-14 victory. Transfer quarterback Everett Golson looked shaky and inaccurate as he went 14-of-26 for 163 yards and a touchdown, leading to an ugly 17.9 QBR. He understandably didn't have any confidence in his severely inexperienced offensive line, which came into the season with less than 10 combined starts as a group. 

But the Seminoles will have a chance to prove themselves this weekend against Boston College. The Eagles - albeit against Howard - put up more than 60 points in the first half of their game last weekend, and their defense is currently ranked as the best in the country, so they'll provide plenty of competition to an FSU team that remains a mystery. But, for now, the Seminoles aren't deserving of the No. 6 ranking.

4th Most Overrated: TCU >>>

4. No. 3 TCU

The Horned Frogs dominated their game against Stephen F. Austin this past weekend, but still haven't proven enough to take their name off this list. And they won't have many opportunities to do that before the month of November. This isn't an argument that TCU belongs outside of the top-10, because that's not the case, but I don't think they're the third best team in the country at this point in time. 

What have we seen to believe the Horned Frogs are better than the Spartans? I'll tell you - nothing. 

TCU, with senior quarterback Trevone Boykin, has the potential to have the most potent offense in all of college football, but has yet to showcase the necessary consistency in 2015. Boykin has already thrown two interceptions so far this year, one in each of his first two games, and this can't continue if the Horned Frogs want to compete with the likes of Baylor and Oklahoma towards the end of the season. 

But they'll have plenty of time to get things together before the tough part of their schedule comes around. As for now, I see better arguments elsewhere for the third best team in the country.

3rd Most Overrated: Notre Dame >>>

3. No. 10 Notre Dame

The Fighting Irish suffered a tough blow this past weekend when they lost starting quarterback Malik Zaire, who suffered a broken ankle against Virginia. But that changes things for Notre Dame. It changes they way the Irish project in 2015. 

Simply put - without Zaire, Notre Dame is not the No. 10 team in the country. And when Georgia Tech comes into South Bend and gives the Irish their first loss on Saturday, this problem will be solved. 

It took a beautiful long-ball from backup quarterback DeShone Kizer at the last second to beat Virginia, 34-27, this past weekend, but Irish won't be able to count on that as they work their way through a schedule that features three different top-25 programs, as well as a difficult game at Stanford to wrap up the regular season. 

Tough break for Notre Dame, but the loss of Zaire will prove to be devastating at the end of the year. They won't last long in the top-10, so we'll go ahead and set the record straight. 

However, if the Fighting Irish can find a way to work through this tragedy and pull out some wins down the stretch, they'll have a chance to prove everybody wrong.

2nd Most Overrated: Arizona >>>

2. No. 19 Arizona

The Wildcats will be able to stick around in the top-25 for another week as they get set to take on the Northern Arizona Lumberjacks on Saturday, because, well, who are the Lumberjacks? But it won't last forever. 

UCLA comes into town the following weekend behind the arm of true freshman quarterback Josh Rosen, and Arizona doesn't appear to have an answer to what the Bruins will bring. Against UTSA and Nevada, the Wildcats allowed a combined 52 points through the first two weeks of the season. And until they get linebacker Scooby Wright III - their best defensive player - back from injury, this trend will continue. But UCLA won't be as forgiving as the others. 

It hasn't been a matter of turnovers or poor decisions for the Wildcats on offense, it's just been an underwhelming start to the year under head coach Rich Rodriguez. And in the Pac-12, if you can't keep up with other prolific offenses, you'll be left in the dust. And that seems to be where Arizona will be left come the end of the year. But I'll go ahead and get it out of the way - this is not one of the 19 best teams in the country. 

But they'll have a chance to prove themselves against UCLA. If Arizona can find a way to pull out a win against Rosen and the Bruins, call me a believer. 

The Most Overrated Team In The Week 3 Coaches' Poll >>>

1. No. 22 BYU

I know, I know - BYU is currently America's team after winning on a Hail Mary in back-to-back weeks. But it takes more than that to be considered one of the 25 best teams in the country, and I don't think BYU is quite there yet. 

Is BYU fun to watch and do I root for the Cougars? Absolutely. But that doesn't mean they weren't gifted with the No. 22 ranking in this week Coaches' Poll. I have no reason to believe BYU can beat any of the three teams behind them in the rankings, or even a few of the teams fighting to capture one of the last few spots in the top-25. 

Quarterback Tanner Mangum gives BYU a chance to win each week, and he has proven this more than anything in the first couple weeks of the season. But that's probably coming to an end this weekend as the Cougars head to the City of Angels to take on the UCLA Bruins. The Bruins, behind true freshman quarterback Josh Rosen's electric start to the season, have emerged as a major contender out of the Pac-12 and present BYU's biggest challenge yet. 

If the Cougars can pull out another shocker this weekend against UCLA, sign be up for a seat on the bandwagon. 

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