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The 5 Stages Of Grief For Louisville Fans After Last Night's Collapse

Just awful.

There will be times in life when things are not fair. 

It may sound like your mom when you wanted more ice cream (tacos, personally) as a kid, but for one heart-hurt Cardnation, these are the only words that made sense last night. Like after any particularly devastating loss, it helps to talk about it.

The 5 Stages of Loss and Grief

1. Denial: Russ Smith did what on the final play? Notre Dame rushed the court, you say? Still in denial? Turn on SportsCenter to remedy that.

2. Anger: An emotion placed in quite a few places last night. The first being directed at Jerian Grant for scoring 12 points in 44 seconds for ND, the beginning of the end. The second being Notre Dame's Garrick Sherman scoring 17 points, all in overtime. The center didn't even see a second of playing time in regulation.

The third place frustration would be Louisville's backcourt, which didn't exist, just like Manti's - forget it. The fourth being the ND crowd cheering "U-S-A" after Gorgui Dieng got his fourth fowl. Tasteful bunch. The fifth, perhaps, being Louisville's complete inability to finish anything the entire night. The sixth is all of the offense's offenses (see what I did there): bad time management, worse timeout calling (sometimes, not calling at all) and finally, the inability to create enough of a scoring gap in the TEN MINUTES THAT THE FIGHTING IRISH DID NOT MAKE A FIELD GOAL. 

3. Bargaining: This stage is like bargaining with the inner thoughts. For example, this is where the "what ifs" go. Like, what if Gorgui Dieng did not commit his last foul and remained in the game? What if Russ Smith drove it into the lane instead of taking an NBA three in the final seconds of the fifth OT? What if Montrezl Harrell had made his free throws?

4. Depression: From over eating to wondering if you'll laugh again, pick your poison. Russ Smith's Instagram may move you on to Step 5.

5. Acceptance: In one of the slowest paced games the Cards have played all year, after three hours and 36 minutes (5 OTs), Louisville lost to Notre Dame, 104-101. 

March 9th, the KFC Yum! Center. AKA, the sixth OT.