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The 64 Most Annoying Fan Bases In College Sports: Final Four


...and then there were four. We've neared the end of our '64 Most Annoying Fan Bases' bracket, and unsurprisingly, we're left with some heavyweights in the Final Four. Fans of Kentucky basketball, Notre Dame football, Florida State football and Alabama football are the only ones standing after four rounds of competition.

Three of the four groups remaining were 1-seeds, with Florida State Football Fans being the lone 2-seed. Regardless, it should be very interesting to see which fan base is named the most annoying in 2015. You can see the entire bracket below. If you're looking to see past results, you can view the Opening Round here, the 'Round of 32' here, the Sweet 16 hereand the Elite Eight here.


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1. Kentucky Basketball Fans vs. 2. Florida State Football Fans


What a matchup. Perhaps the two most annoying fan bases on social media - #BBN and #FSUTwitter - are meeting up in the first contest of our Final Four. Which is more intolerable? We're eager to find out...we think.

1. Notre Dame Football Fans vs. 1. Alabama Football Fans


Notre Dame supporters, despite not seeing their team win the national title in nearly three decades, still somehow draw the ire of college football fans across the country. But are they more annoying than the fan base that screams "Roll Tide" at every opportunity? We couldn't have asked for a better Final Four.

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