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The 64 Most Annoying Fan Bases In College Sports: Sweet 16

Bored on a Friday afternoon? We've got you. Our '64 Most Annoying Fan Bases In College Sports' bracket is moving on to the Sweet 16, and somewhat unintentionally, we've got some incredible matchups. It's your job to tell us which fan bases, of course, are the most annoying of all.

You can see the opening round matchups here, and the "Round of 32' matchups here. We've got eight contests this round. Here's the current bracket - vote below!

The 64 Most Annoying Fan Bases Bracket

Sweet 16 of College Spun's "most annoying fan bases" bracket.

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1. Kentucky Basketball Fans vs. 5. Auburn Football Fans

Kentucky fans vs. Auburn fans.

We're not exactly sure how Auburn Football Fans got here (we must have a large Alabama following), but they've probably met their match with BBN. In the 'Round of 32', UK fans were voted slightly more annoying than Ohio State Football Fans, 52%-48%. Auburn Football Fans beat out Indiana Basketball Fans, 62%-38%.

3. S-E-C Chanters vs. 10. People Who Talk About Their NCAA Bracket Picks

SEC fans vs. people who root for their brackets.

S-E-C Chanters took down Drake Apologists, 65%-35%. That was not a surprise. But our 2-seed, UConn Women's Basketball Fans - they were taken down by People Who Talk About Their NCAA Bracket Picks, 60%-40%. I guess it's that time of the year.

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1. Duke Basketball Fans vs. 4. Fans Who Tweet At Recruits

Duke fans vs. fans that tweet at recruits.

Duke Basketball Fans have proven to be quiet annoying, as they crushed Kansas Basketball Fans, 73%-27%. Fans Who Tweet At Recruits, another strong candidate, took down West Virginia Football Fans, 73%-27%. This one is going to be closer than you think.

2. Florida State Football Fans vs. 3. USC Football Fans

Florida State fans vs. USC fans.

#FSUTwitter is annoying, alright. Florida State Football Fans cruised against North Carolina Basketball Fans, 71%-29%. Meanwhile, USC Football Fans, the West's only hope, took down NCAA Apologists, 58%-42%. Football fans are going to have a tough time deciding here.

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1. Notre Dame Football Fans vs. 5. Michigan Football Fans

Notre Dame fans vs. Michigan fans.

Maryland Basketball fans proved to be no match for the annoyingness of Notre Dame Football Fans, 82%-18%. Michigan Football Fans took down Miami Football Fans, 60%-40%. That sets up an incredible matchup in the Sweet 16 - one that unfortunately won't be played on the football field any time soon.

6. Texas A&M Football Fans vs. 7. Texas Football Fans

Texas A&M fans vs. Texas fans.

If you thought Notre Dame vs. Michigan was fun, check this one out. Texas A&M and Texas, two schools that won't play each other on the gridiron after the Aggies left for the SEC, have fan bases matching up here. Texas Football Fans, in an upset, took down Penn State Football Fans, 62%-38%. Texas A&M Football Fans beat out UConn Basketball Fans, 57%-43%.

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1. Alabama Football Fans vs. 4. Georgia Football Fans

Alabama fans vs. Georgia fans.

In an all-SEC matchup, Alabama Football Fans were voted far more annoying than South Carolina Football Fans. This round, they'll get another league foe. Georgia Football Fans, after beating Syracuse Basketball Fans, 58%-42%, will need to score a major upset to move on.

2. Big East Nostalgists vs. 3. Paul Finebaum Callers

Finebaum callers vs. Syracuse fans.

Ugh - this one is rough. Big East Nostalgists, people who can't believe the old Big East is gone, took down Tennessee Football Fans in a tight one, 51%-49%. Paul Finebaum Callers, some of the scariest people on the planet, defeated LSU Football Fans, 53%-47%. 

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