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The 64 Most Annoying Fan Bases In College Sports: We Are! Region

College sports fans, though passionate and loyal, can also be really, really annoying. But who's the worst of the worst? We've gone through and picked out the 64 most annoying fan bases in college sports. You guys are going to tell us which deserves to be crowned the most intolerable of all. You can vote on the #BBN Region here, the #FSUTwitter Region here and the #PAWWWL Region here.

The 64 Most Annoying Fan Bases Bracket

College Spun's "most annoying fan bases" bracket.

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1. Notre Dame Football Fans vs. 16. BYU Basketball Fans

Notre Dame fans vs. BYU fans.

Fans stuck in the past vs. fans stuck in Utah.

2. Penn State Football Fans vs. 15. Arizona State Football FansTeam 409 vs. the Curtain of Distraction.

Penn State fans vs. Arizona State fans.

3. UConn Men's Basketball Fans vs. 14. Villanova Basketball Fans

UConn fans vs. Villanova fans.

Fans who can't believe they aren't in a 'Power 5' conference vs. fans obsessed with Jay Wright's coaching ability and looks.

4. Miami Football Fans vs. 13. Nebraska Football FansFans who don't really attend games vs. fans who don't ever miss games.

Miami fans vs. Nebraska fans.

5. Michigan Football Fans vs. 12. UCLA Basketball Fans

Michigan fans vs. UCLA fans.

Fans who both would rather talk about another era.

6. Texas A&M Football Fans vs. 11. Dick Vitale HatersFans who have little brother syndrome vs. fans who won't shut up about ESPN canning Dickie V.

Texas A&M fans vs. Dick Vitale haters.

7. Texas Football Fans vs. 10. Virginia Tech Football Fans

Texas fans vs. Virginia Tech fans.

Fans who might feel a bit entitled vs. fans who feel inferior despite success.

8. Iowa Football Fans vs. Maryland Basketball FansFans of scream horrible things at players vs. fans who celebrate in horrible fashion.

Iowa fans vs. Maryland fans.

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