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The 7 Most Influential Notre Dame Players In Social Media

According to Klout.

Similar to how big of a deal football is at Notre Dame, social media seems to play a big role in many players' day-to-day lives. Notre Dame remains undefeated on the football field, but which players are showing success in cyberspace?

Klout is a company thatcrunches social media dataand measures how important someone is across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Foursquare and more. It spits out a number on a scale of one to 100. The higher a person’s number, the more influential he or she is across the web.

So we checked out which Notre Dame players have the most social media influence according to Klout. Here are your 7 most influential players online:

6. (Tie) T.J. Jones

Klout Score: 62
Twitter Followers: 7,767
Tweeter Handle:@Tj2Smoove

The first thing you see about T.J. on his Twitter handle (other than that friendly smile) is the reason he plays so hard: "My dad's death won't go in vain!" This junior WR's hard work isn't just for fans; it's for family. But if you still have doubts about what a hard-working playmaker he is, just read his tweets. It's clear to see that Jones is damn sure Notre Dame is BCS bound, and that's the kind of confidence Fighting Irish fans are looking for.

T.J. keeps a good stream of positive, interactive, and comical tweets flowing from his account. Chance are, if you tweet at him, he'll either retweet or respond. He's even following a good bit of his fellow Notre Dame students and fans, including College Spun blogger Tyler Moorehead, which is why he's tied for fifth on our list.

6. (Tie) Bennett Jackson

Klout Score: 62
Twitter Followers: 7,536
Tweeter Handle:@B_Jax2

Bennett Jackson is to Notre Dame as Ray Lewis is to the Baltimore Ravens (at least on Twitter). This wide receiver-gone-cornerback is constantly tweeting support for his fellow teammates, and he consistently tweets #NDFB. This guy is the ultimate multitasker: he started his freshman year as a wide receiver, did a lot of damage to opponents on special teams in 2011, and transitioned into the cornerback position this season. Not to mention, for those track fans out there, Jackson participated on Notre Dame's 2012 indoor track team.

Notre Dame devotees will be glad to know that Jackson is willing to retweet, and his encouraging posts get plenty of retweets themselves. The best part about his account is that Jackson can admit that Notre Dame's wins aren't always pretty, but that the team is working hard for the week to come.

4. (Tie) Kapron Lewis-Moore

Klout Score: 63
Twitter Followers: 8,056
Tweeter Handle:@KLM_89

If Kapron didn't win the hearts of Fighting Irish fans by choosing Notre Dame over Texas A&M and Colorado in 2008, he has after his awesome starting performances since 2009. Even before his season-ending injury last year, he put up huge numbers on defense, and those numbers are reflected by the fact hat he's tied for fourth on this list.

Kapron keeps busy off the field and has a healthy amount of TwitPics to keep followers entertained. Those of you who think football players are "dumb jocks" who only care about football will be proven wrong when perusing this Twitter account; from tweets about the Presidential debate to watching the Price is Right, Lewis-Moore has plenty of off-field interests. And even though he's 6-foot-4 and 306 pounds, it's refreshing to know that big guys like Kapron get freaked out after watching Paranormal Activity.

Klout Score: 63
Twitter Followers: 13,466
Tweeter Handle:@MGolicJR57

Like father, like son. Mike Golic Jr. is a big name at Notre Dame. He might not have the same kind of on-field credentials that his dad, Mike Golic, had, but Twitter followers don't seem to mind. He doesn't tweet as much as others on his team, but he still hands out retweets and shout outs every now and then. Golic Jr. may have garnered a lot of followers on his name alone, but that's not all he is known for at Notre Dame.

Apparently, he and teammate Brandon Newman have quite the sense of humor. Last year a video of the two performing Toto's hit song Africa went viral on Notre Dame's campus. Aside from his singing career, Golic is a Film, Television, and Theater major, so whether or not he decides to try out for a spot in the NFL, he hopes to follow in his father's footsteps and work in TV. His Twitter handle is great because it lets fans see that even though Golic is a big name athlete, he still needs his TV fix like the rest of us.

3. Robby Toma

Klout Score: 64
Twitter Followers: 7,919
Tweeter Handle:@RobJob293

Wondering if Robby Toma or Manti Te'o owns that Notre Dame surfboard that is in the background picture on his Twitter? Maybe you should tweet at him and ask. Robby Toma has it all: the starting WR slot position, a great personality, and tons of fans. His handle has plenty of "Notre Dame football", but he also posts pictures of his grandparents shopping and his mom doing the "hang loose" hand signal and tweets at celebs like Alex Flanagan.

What sets him apart is the genuine excitement he shows about football and life in general. Even Notre Dame haters should be following his fun, uplifting, and most importantly, entertaining tweets. It's for all these reasons that Robby Toma is sitting at number three.

2. Louis Nix III

Klout Score: 65
Twitter Followers: 9,833
Tweeter Handle:@IrishChocolate9

Right away you can tell that Louis Nix has a purpose in life. His picture isn't even one of himself; it's a ribbon supporting autism awareness. We aren't the first people to acknowledge Nix's presence in social media. In an interview, he said that he feels like it's his duty to interact with fans on Twitter, which is great news for all you IrishChocolate followers.

And will someone please go check out his profile picture for Notre Dame's athletic website? If there is one football player on Notre Dame's squad that you want to be friends with, hands down, it's this guy. He loves his fans so much that he even adopted his Twitter handle from a fan suggestion. Nix is number two on the list for a reason. Go follow him. Now.

1. Manti Te'o

Klout Score: 71
Twitter Followers: 45,721
Tweeter Handle:@MTeo_5

It's no surprise that Manti Te'o falls at number one on the list of most influential Notre Dame players in social media. He's got almost five times as many followers as Nix at the number two slot, and everyone in the nation seems to know his name. Not only has he played in every game of his career at Notre Dame, but one of those games came after the tragic deaths of both his grandmother and girlfriend, all within 48 hours. His story has touched lives far outside the Notre Dame circle, and even stone-hearted analysts like Jim Rome tweet that Manti Te'o is a true inspiration.

His dedication, perseverance, and all around awesome attitude are why fans go crazy for Manti. It doesn't hurt that he's making a strong case to be nominated for Heisman candidacy at the end of this season. Even though Manti's Twitter bio doesn't mention all his athletic attributes, it perfectly defines why he is number one in the hearts of his followers. A quote from The Count of Monte Cristo's Edmond Dantes is what Manti Te'o is all about: living to the fullest amidst all life's storms. Manti Te'o has been through quite a few of those, but you'd never know that reading his Twitter handle.