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The 8 College Football Fan Bases You'll Hate The Most In 2016

Which college football fan base do you hate the most? 

A Michigan fans reaction to the end of the Michigan Michigan State game.

Where will Michigan fans rank?

Probably, the fan base of your school's rival team. 

There are some fan bases that are just universally disliked, too. These are usually fan bases that are pretty large and root for teams that are pretty successful. Nobody really cares about a program that's not contending, after all. 

These lists can change from year to year, though, as there are a number of factors that play into making a fan base dislikable: how their team is doing, if there's a controversy surrounding the team, maybe they have a new coach, etc. 

Which fan bases will you hate the most in 2016? 

Here are the eight fan bases we believe will be most hated by the college football population during the upcoming season. 

Start With No. 8 ??? >>>

8. Clemson

Look, there's not much of a reason to dislike the Tigers' fan base. 

Clemson's gone decades without winning a national championship and its fan base is a mostly regional one, so you probably haven't come across many Tigers' fans unless you're in the South Carolina area. 

But Clemson's going to be good in 2016. Really, really good. And there's something about winning big on a national stage that can make people dislike you. It probably stems from jealously. 

There are aspects of Clemson that can be disliked, too. 

Like Dabo Swinney's dancing after victories. 

">October 18, 2015

Make no mistake: we love Swinney's dancing. But winning big combined with celebrations like that can make it easy for your team - and your fan base - to be disliked. Next: No. 7 ??? >>>7. LSUThis could be a weird year for the Tigers. LSU enters 2016 with high expectations, but this is a program just months removed from nearly firing its head coach, Les Miles. Some believe Miles will be fired if he doesn't have a great season. This is all a recipe for a rabid, defensive fan base. There will be many fans standing behind Miles and, of course, if things go wrong, some calling for his head. 

">@RossDellenger says expectations are so high in Baton Rouge that anything less than 10-2 would be a dissapointment

— Paul Finebaum (@finebaum)

.@RossDellenger says expectations are so high in Baton Rouge that anything less than 10-2 would be a dissapointment

— Paul Finebaum (@finebaum) May 3, 2016

">May 3, 2016

You'll hear a lot from LSU's fans in 2016. That's going to lead to a decent amount of hating. Next: No. 6 ??? >>>6. BaylorThe Bears have been on the national stage for a while but have yet to break through, falling short of the College Football Playoff in 2014 and '15. Baylor fans have been frustrated and the rest of the college football world might be getting a little skeptical of this team. This makes Bears' fans defensive of their team. If Baylor falls short in 2016 - expectations are high once again - its fans will really start to hear it from others, they'll get even more defensive and that'll just make people hate them more. There's also Baylor's alleged sexual assault scandal, which of course can't be taken lightly by anyone. The majority of the Bears' fan base probably understands this isn't good, but, like any large group of people, there are some who deny it. 

">April 15, 2016

This adds into the hating. 

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5. Notre Dame 

Does this really need to be explained? 

The Fighting Irish are the Duke, Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees, etc. of college football. 

Their fan base is large and passionate and spread everywhere. They're hated every year. 

">@RedditCFB, the highest concentration of Notre Dame fans in the country is in Cook County/Chicago.

— JJ Stankevitz (@JJStankevitz)

Via @RedditCFB, the highest concentration of Notre Dame fans in the country is in Cook County/Chicago.

— JJ Stankevitz (@JJStankevitz) May 6, 2016

">May 6, 2016

Notre Dame should be a top 15, College Football Playoff-contending team this season, too, so there will be a national stage for the hate spewed upon the program. 

You could make the argument that the Fighting Irish should be higher. 

Next: No. 4 ??? >>>

4. Michigan

The Wolverines' place on this list can be explained in two words. 

Jim. Harbaugh. 

Michigan's football coach has taken college football by storm with his trash talking, trolling and vibrant Twitter profile. 

">March 23, 2016

The Wolverines will start (or already have) to take after their head coach. Of course, that won't go over well. Michigan is expected to be a Big Ten championship-contending team this fall, too, so the trash talking and trolling will be at an even higher level. Next: No. 3 ??? >>>3. AlabamaThe Crimson Tide have won more than anyone else over the last five years and are expected to win big again in 2016. An argument could be made for Alabama fans deserving the No. 1 spot - especially if you're a consistent listener to The Paul Finebaum Show - but we're all kind of used to these fans by now. Still, their spot at No. 3 is deserving. Alabama fans can be arrogant and cocky (and probably deservedly so) but that doesn't mean they can't be hated by opposing fans. They certainly will be this fall. Next: No. 2 ??? >>>2. Ohio StateThe Buckeyes just had a record amount of players taken in the NFL Draft. Ohio State should come back from the nationally elite pack just a bit in 2016 because of this, but I don't think they will. Michigan might be the favorite in the Big Ten, but I expect the Buckeyes to win it and make the College Football Playoff. OSU fans are already a boasting, confident bunch, and a big one at that. That'll be turned up a notch this fall when they're rooting for a contending team many believe shouldn't be contending. 

">April 30, 2016

There's also the fact that Urban Meyer is one of the most-disliked coaches in the sport and, of course, Ohio State fans will do anything to defend him. 

The Buckeyes and their fan base will be disliked once again this fall. 

Next: No. 1 ??? >>>

1. Florida State

Like Michigan, the Seminoles' spot on this list can be explained in two words. 

FSU. Twitter. 

It's real and at times, it's spectacular, and at other times, it's incredibly annoying. 

It'll be heightened this fall, too. 

Clemson's the favorite in the ACC, but the Seminoles get the Tigers at home. They're going to win that game, win the conference and go on to make the College Football Playoff. 

#FSUTwitter will be at a level of arrogance/confidence/cockiness similar to the Jameis Winston era. 

It'll be entertaining to watch, but it's also going to bring quite a bit of hate on the Seminoles' fan base. 

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