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The Newest Coaches' Poll Is Out, And It Features A Number Of Changes

Week eight of the college football season has come and gone, but its effects will be felt for quite some time. Florida State's huge victory over Notre Dame, though controversial, could mean that the Seminoles will be afforded an opportunity to play for a national championship for the second year in a row. But it wasn't just FSU that made a statement Saturday - Alabama, Ole Miss, Oregon and Georgia also gave their fans a lot to cheer about.

The most recent Coaches' Poll has just been released, and it features a number of changes. The Crimson Tide have jumped three spots to No. 4 after spanking Texas A&M. Kansas State also jumped up three places to No. 11 after knocking off Oklahoma. Arizona State, Utah, USC, LSU and West Virginia also made big moves.

Baylor and Oklahoma - two Big 12 heavyweights, saw the two biggest falls - the Bears to No. 13, the Sooners to No. 18. Here's the entire poll, via USA Today.

1. Mississippi State
2. Florida State
3. Ole Miss
4. Alabama
5. Michigan State
6. Auburn
7. Oregon
8. Notre Dame
9. Georgia
10. TCU
11. Kansas State
12. Ohio State
13. Baylor
14. Arizona State
15. Arizona
16. Nebraska
17. East Carolina
18. Oklahoma
19. Utah
20. Clemson
21. USC
22. Marshall
23. LSU
24. Minnesota
25. West Virginia

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