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The Top 25 Uniforms In College Football

May is kind of a slow month in the college football world. 

Spring football is over and school is out. Preseason hype has started, but doesn't really heat up until the summer. We've got another two-plus months before training camps begin. 

So, we need something to talk about. 

How about everyone's favorite topic - uniforms. 

Few things inspire more debate among fan bases than their team's uniforms. Some love the traditional looks, others love the more modern threads. 

Regardless of what your opinion is, everyone seems to at least have one. 

Here's ours. 

We've decided to rank the top 25 uniforms in college football among the Power 5 teams. This is an all-encompassing list, meaning we're not just ranking a team's home uniform. A program's entire ensemble is being judged. 

Here's the list. 

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25. Colorado

Apparel sponsor: Nike

Colorado, a once dominant program in the 1990s, has since kind of fallen off. The Buffaloes' uniforms have not. The black-and-gold look is a classic one that will never go out of style. They've added some alternate uniforms in recent seasons, but the standard home and away uniforms are still their best. 

">@nspruce22 and the Buffs tonight!

— Colorado Football (@RunRalphieRun)

Traditional road unis for @nspruce22 and the Buffs tonight!

— Colorado Buffaloes Football (@RunRalphieRun) November 22, 2015

">November 22, 2015

24. Iowa

Apparel sponsor: Nike

Like Colorado, Iowa has a pretty traditional look that we're big fans of. Black and gold (it's more of a yellow, but whatever) is a pretty awesome color template for a football program. The Hawkeyes don't get very creative with their uniforms and they don't need to. 

">April 23, 2016

23. TCUApparel sponsor: NikeThe Horned Frogs went through a uniform overhaul before the 2015 season, unveiling a completely new set of threads. The uniforms really encapsulate TCU's mascot, a horned frog. It's a pretty fierce look. 

">April 11, 2015

22. Georgia

Apparel sponsor: Nike

Black and red is a pretty standard color template for a football team, and there's not a ton that stands out with the Bulldogs' uniform, but it's still a nice look. We specifically like when Georgia (rarely) rocks its black uniform. UGA fans do, too. 

">November 9, 2014

21. WashingtonApparel sponsor: NikeThe purple and gold just complement each other so well. The Huskies' uniforms are pretty traditional without a ton of flare, but their colors are so good that they don't need much else. 

">December 27, 2015

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20. Auburn

Apparel sponsor: Under Armour

Some might think the Tigers deserve a higher spot on this list and other rankings have placed these uniforms in the top 10, but we're not huge fans of the helmet. Still, these are uniforms worthy of a spot in the top 20. 

19. Clemson

Apparel sponsor: Nike

These Tigers share a similar color template to the Tigers ranked at No. 20, but Clemson's simpler look is a little better, in our opinion. The Tiger Paw helmet is probably Clemson's best feature. Its purple jersey is a cool look, too. 

18. Oklahoma

Apparel sponsor: Nike

The Sooners' uniforms are some of college football's most traditional, with a simple "OU" logo on the helmets and "Sooners" in block lettering across the chest. Oklahoma has debuted some alternate uniforms in recent seasons, too. 

">July 1, 2014

17. Oklahoma StateApparel sponsor: NikeThe Cowboys colors are great and their uniforms merge classic and modern really well. Oklahoma State unveiled these new uniforms in early March that received an incredible reaction from Mike Gundy's players. 

">March 2, 2016

16. North Carolina

Apparel sponsor: Nike

The Tar Heels' colors - baby blue and white - might be the best in all of sports. They probably work a little better with UNC's basketball uniforms, but the football uniforms are still awesome. The argyle pattern is one rarely seen anywhere else. 

">@TarHeelFootball uniforms. — Jason Freeman (@UNCEquipment)

Some pictures of the new @TarHeelFootball uniforms.

— UNC Equipment (@UNCEquipment) April 21, 2015

">April 21, 2015

No. 15 - No. 11 >>>15. Florida

Apparel sponsor: Nike

The Gators' blue and orange color template is one of the best-fitting of all the college football teams. Florida's uniforms have a lot going on - maybe too much - but the Gator head logo on the helmet is great and we like the variety. Florida's all-white look might be its best. 

">@GatorsChris: — Gators Football (@GatorsFB)

Del Rio springs into action at #OBDebut. #Gators

More from @GatorsChris:

— Gators Football (@GatorsFB) April 11, 2016

">April 11, 2016

14. Penn State

Apparel sponsor: Nike

You won't find a simpler look than the one sported by the Nittany Lions. We appreciate Penn State's traditional, classic look, though. Not enough to put PSU's uniforms in the top 10, however. 

">April 16, 2016

13. UCLAApparel sponsor: Adidas (soon to be Under Armour, reportedly)This program's stadium, the Rose Bowl, is probably the most-beautiful playing arena in the sport. The uniforms are decent, too. The Bruins' script "UCLA" helmet logo is one of the best in the sport and the classic light blue and gold uniforms are great as well. 

">October 16, 2015

12. Maryland

Apparel sponsor: Under Armour

You either love these or hate them, probably. Under Armour has turned Maryland into Oregon East. The Terrapins have a ton of different looks. Some are hits, some are misses. These 1961 throwback uniforms might have been the best ones they wore last season. 

">October 19, 2015

11. NebraskaApparel sponsor: Adidas The Huskers' classic look is one that should never change. Adidas experiments with some alternate uniforms every season - and the players and recruits seem to like them - but usually, Nebraska's better off sticking with their typical scarlet and cream standard home and away threads. The Huskers have been sporting an all-white look more in recent seasons. 

">September 14, 2014

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10. Florida State

Apparel sponsor: Nike

The Seminoles revamped their look a couple of seasons ago and they received mix reviews from their fan base, but they've since adjusted a bit, back to the more classic look. Florida State's "Seminole" pattern is cool, as is this all-garnet look they played in last season. 

9. Alabama

Apparel sponsor: Nike

Few, if any, college football fan bases are more protective of their uniforms than the Crimson Tide's. Alabama has a traditional look that hasn't been messed with and it probably never will. Not in the near future, anyway. We do really like the numbers on the helmets. 

">April 28, 2015

8. TexasApparel sponsor: NikeTexas' Longhorn helmet logo is one of the best in college football and Charlie Strong's team probably has the best all-white uniforms in the sport, too. Like Alabama, this is a team that basically never strays from its classic look. They did wear these cool throwback uniforms last fall. 


— John Bianco (@UT_Bianco)

@Longhorn_FB wearing throwback uniforms as a tribute to Freddie Steinmark, the 1969 Nat Champ team &

— John Bianco (@UT_Bianco) November 8, 2015

">November 8, 2015

7. TennesseeApparel sponsor: NikeThe Volunteers' checkerboard end zone pattern is probably the best in college football. Tennessee unveiled new uniforms last season that emphasize that checkerboard pattern on the pants. They're pretty awesome. 

">@MrHurd_1 rocking the #Vols Road Uniform! — Tennessee Football (@Vol_Football)

Check out @MrHurd_1 rocking the #Vols Road Uniform!

— Tennessee Football (@Vol_Football) July 1, 2015

">July 1, 2015

6. Notre DameApparel sponsor: Under ArmourFighting Irish fans were a little worried when they made the switch to Under Armour, wondering if the apparel company would change their team's classic look. The worrying was for not, though. Under Armour kept Notre Dame's traditional look and made it a little sleeker, which we liked. 

">@UnderArmour! Here is our 2014 home uniform...

— Notre Dame Football (@NDFootball)

We are excited to be outfitted from head to toe on game days in @UnderArmour! Here is our 2014 home uniform...

— Notre Dame Football (@NDFootball) August 19, 2014

">August 19, 2014

Next: No. 5 - No. 1 >>>5. OregonApparel sponsor: NikeYou could make the argument that the Ducks should be No. 1 on this list and we wouldn't disagree with it too much. Oregon's bevy of looks are pretty much all awesome. Seeing what they're going to wear every Saturday during the fall is always enjoyable. 

4. Ohio StateApparel sponsor: NikeThe Buckeyes' helmets are awesome and the scarlet and gray color pattern is one of the best in the sport. In our opinion, Ohio State's road uniform - the white jersey with the gray pants - is Urban Meyer's team's best look. 

">March 23, 2016

3. USC

Apparel sponsor: Nike

The Trojans pull off the simple, classic look better than anyone else, in our opinion. USC doesn't try to do too much and the colors complement each other really well. 

2. Michigan

Apparel sponsor: Adidas (Nike/Air Jordan soon)

The Wolverines will become the first college football team ever to have the Air Jordan logo on their uniforms this fall. Combine that with the awesome winged helmet and Michigan has an easy spot inside our top five. We can't wait to see what Michigan's Nike uniforms look like. 

">March 31, 2016

1. LSUApparel sponsor: NikeEverything about the Tigers' look is incredible - the Tiger Eye helmet logo, the fact that they wear white uniforms at home, the colors perfectly representing the state of Louisiana. It's just an awesome, awesome look. 

">@_fournette is an Associated Press First-Team All-American.

Leonard @_fournette is an Associated Press First-Team All-American. @v_alex74 is a 3rd team selection.

— LSU Football (@LSUfootball) December 13, 2015

">@v_alex74 is a 3rd team selection. — LSU Football (@LSUfootball)

Leonard @_fournette is an Associated Press First-Team All-American. @v_alex74 is a 3rd team selection.

— LSU Football (@LSUfootball) December 13, 2015

">December 13, 2015

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