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Video: Everett Golson Owns Up To Cheating At Notre Dame In Interview With SI's Andy Staples

He's back.

It's been a while since we've heard from ex-Notre Dame quarterback Everett Golson, but today he finally made a public reappearance. In a feature with Sports Illustrated's Andy Staples, Golson opened up about the academic infraction that got him kicked out of Notre Dame for the fall, and then he talked about his desire to return to school and how he never considered going JUCO or switching to another university.

The most notable portion of the interview was the discussion between Golson and Staples on the "poor academic judgment" that Golson previously said he displayed -- the quarterback decided to elaborate a bit:

"Basically I had poor judgment on a test, it wasn't due to poor grades or anything."

"Did you cheat on a test?"

"Yeah, it was something like that [...] test situation."

Here's video:

Golson is just a few months away from making his academic return to Notre Dame in January -- he is very eager to put the past behind him and move on from his mistakes.