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Video: Former ND Basketball Player Mike Broghammer Knocked Out 45 Seconds Into Boxing Match

Those are some big dudes.

It was just last March that Mike Broghammer's athletic career was coming to an end. Broghammer, a 6-foot-9, 245-pound power forward for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, had to call it quits because of chronic tendinitis in his knees. The big question for Mike was how he would transition to normal student life after being placed on medical scholarship.

One of the things Broghammer turned to was boxing -- in the form of the Bengal Bouts tournament. Bengal Bouts is an initiative that was started under the legendary Knute Rockne -- the iconic coach had many of his players take up boxing to stay in football shape in the offseason. Then, the idea grew and expanded in 1931 as the tournament started to raise money for the Holy Cross Missions in Bangladesh.

The goal of the tournament is to "attempt to battle poverty by providing education and health care to the people of Bangladesh. The funds raised by the Bengal Bouts have built primary and technical schools as well as health care clinics. They have paid for the education of impoverished high school and college students providing young men and women with the skills to support their families now and into the future."

For Mike, it was the perfect opportunity to get involved with a great program, and to continue an athletic career in a way that didn't further affect his knees. And he made the most of that opportunity in the 83rd annual Bengal Bouts tournament -- at least until the final round.

Broghammer competed in the heavyweight class -- anybody weighing over 205 lbs can compete, with no weight ceiling. That made him one of the largest guys in the tournament, and he was definitely the tallest as he approaches seven feet in height. However, when he stepped into the ring in Purcell Pavilion on Friday night in the Finals, he wasn't even the favorite to win.

Daniel Yi was a two-time former Bengal Bouts champion, and was coming off several dominating wins of his own. Both Yi and Broghammer were excited to square off:

There is no doubt that the matchup was the most anticipated fight of the night -- without further ado, here is a video of the matchup, which didn't last very long: