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Video: FOX Sports Analyst Joel Klatt Reveals His College Football Playoff "Conspiracy Theory"

We're still a month away from the only College Football Playoff rankings that truly matter, but that isn't stopping people from getting very worked up about the rankings that drop every Tuesday. After the committee put out their most recent field, featuring Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, and Notre Dame, with Iowa and Baylor just outside, many have tried to figure out how the group is coming to its conclusions. FOX Sports college football analyst Joel Klatt thinks he's figured it out.

Klatt hopped on the air with Colin Cowherd to lay out his "conspiracy theory," which alleges some biases within influential members of the committee along geographic and play style lines. There's no way to know if he's right, but it is certainly an interesting look at how things have played out, thus far.

Is Klatt on to something here, football fans?