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Video: Notre Dame Leprechaun Tryouts Feature Funny Mock Interviews, Jokes On Manti Te'o

Pretty funny.

Leprechauns are known for getting into mischief, so of course Notre Dame's official tryouts for the next school mascot would be a great deal of fun. Candidates vying for the position have to complete several tasks: giving a mock pep rally speech in front a crowd, fake interviews with difficult reporters, and there's even a pushup competition to test the strength of the young men.

The most entertaining part of tryouts each year is undoubtedly the mock interviews. Angelo Di Carlo, reporter for WNDU, plays the self-dubbed role of "tool reporter" -- that is, he asks over-the-top questions that reporters could potentially throw at the mascots to see how they react -- will they steer around touchy subjects and represent the university well?

Di Carlo had several particularly funny questions in his back pocket this year that the candidates had to answer:

1. Notre Dame has experienced some incredible success this year in athletics -- teams have advanced to the national championship game in football, and the Final Four in women's basketball -- but how does feel to choke over and over again in the postseason?

2. Leprechauns are known for having magical powers -- now, tell me, are you able to make non-existent girlfriends appear?

3. Now talk to me about your beard -- is it more or less real than Lennay Kekua?

Now keep in mind, this is all in good fun and designed to test the candidates -- none of it is actually mean-spirited. Here's a video of Di Carlo grilling one of the Leprechauns.

You can also check out more of the interviews here.