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Update: Adidas Makes President Obama His Own "Neon Glow" Notre Dame Jersey

All in good fun.

Update: In response to President Obama's criticism of the "neon glow" Notre Dame jerseys, the school and Adidas have made him his own version. Since Obama is the nation's 44th president, he was appropriately given the number 44 - but it's causing some controversy since Luke Harangody's No. 44 jersey is already hanging in the rafters at Purcell Pavilion.

Earlier: Whether you like President Barack Obama or not, you've got to admit that he has some serious sports swag compared to most of our former Commanders-in-Chief. Every year President Obama fills out his NCAA Tournament bracket and it gets some serious attention, and 2013 is no different.

Today he revealed his picks on ESPN, and he poked some fun at the University of Notre Dame, mainly for the unique green jerseys they have been sporting for the postseason. Here's a video:

Of course, Notre Dame head coach Mike Brey, with his awesome sense of humor, had to respond:

Mike Brey has apparently done his homework, because Obama is a nice lefty player -- but like many lefties, he has no right-hand skills whatsoever. On the bright side, the jerseys will help correct that, apparently.