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Video: Professional Athletes Name The Most Annoying Fan Bases They Had To Deal With In College

Even after they graduate and make it to the next level, professional athletes are always willing to talk about their collegiate glory days. Some athletes especially love talking about their rivals, and how even though they graduated, they still loathe them and especially their fans.

On the ESPYS red carpet last week, Mike Dunsmore of Dunsmore Productions LLC asked pro athletes a simple question: who were the most annoying fans you experienced in college? Some answers are obvious, some are pretty surprising, but all of them are awesome.

If you can't watch the video, here is a list of the athletes and what they said:

  • Tre Mason (Auburn): LSU and Alabama
  • Antonio Cromartie (Florida State): Florida
  • Brandon Flowers (Virginia Tech): Virginia
  • Marcedes Lewis (UCLA): USC
  • Andre Branch (Clemson): South Carolina
  • Cliff Avril (Purdue): Notre Dame or Indiana
  • T.J. Ward (Oregon): Oregon State
  • Chris Ogbonnaya (Texas): Texas A&M
  • Ben Watson (Georgia): Georgia Tech (annoying) and Florida (hated)
  • DeMarcus Cousins (Kentucky): Louisville and Tennessee
  • Danny Green (North Carolina): Duke, Maryland and Clemson
  • Marqise Lee (USC): Arizona State
  • Mark Herzlich (Boston College): Notre Dame
  • Marcus Cromartie (Wisconsin): Northwestern and Minnesota
  • Michael Robinson (Penn State): Michigan

There were some really interesting answers in that group, like Mason saying LSU fans were right up there with Alabama (according to Mason, LSU fans were more "ratchet"), Lewis saying USC fans were nasty whether he was going up against them in basketball or football, and Robinson still loathing Michigan because they "cheated" and "took a national title away from me."

There were a few surprises, too - Green saying Clemson fans were as annoying as Duke and Maryland fans, and Cromartie saying that Northwestern fans are among the most annoying in the Big Ten.

If this video was 48 hours long, I'd watch the whole thing. Rivalries are one of the best things about college sports, so it's really cool to see that pro athletes still are so passionate about their rivals from their collegiate days.