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Video: USC AD Pat Haden Collapsed On The Sideline Prior To Tonight's Game

Pat Haden collapses on the field of the USC game.

Pat Haden Collapse

Update: Looks like Haden is fine and is headed back to California with the team. Good signs. 

">October 18, 2015

Earlier: There was a very scary moment on the sidelines in South Bend just before tonight's USC-Notre Dame game kicked off. USC AD Pat Haden took ill and collapsed on the field. 

NBC's television cameras and media on the sideline captured the scary scene.

">October 17, 2015

">October 17, 2015

Reportedly, Haden is feeling better, which is a great sign. It's unclear what exactly happened to him.

">October 17, 2015

">October 17, 2015

Haden has certainly been under a lot of stress lately. Hopefully he is okay.