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We've Got Our First Controversial Call Of The Cotton Bowl

The controversial Clemson fumble against Notre Dame.

Clemson and Notre Dame are tied at 3-3 near the end of the first quarter, but Fighting Irish fans are quite upset. They feel they were robbed on a pretty important call midway through the period.

After a Notre Dame field goal, Clemson's Derion Kendrick attempted to return the kickoff, but fumbled near the sideline. A Fighting Irish player recovered the ball.

Upon further review, the referees determined that the ball bounced out of bounds before it was recovered.

Video shows that the referees had to make a tough call. It look like the ball might be over the line - but it's hard to tell.

If Notre Dame had been awarded the ball, the Fighting Irish would have had first and goal from around the 8-yard-line.

Clemson, heading into the game, is around a 12.5-point favorite to prevail.

The winner will take on the winner of the Orange Bowl - which is Alabama vs. Oklahoma.