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What The "Perfect" College Football Program Looks Like, According To CBS

What's the perfect college football program look like? 

According to CBS Sports, it looks something like this...

Ben Kercheval of CBS Sports has built the "perfect" college football program from the nation's best parts. He's chosen a head coach, star player, tradition, location, stadium, uniforms and fan base, among other things. 

Here are his choices. 

Head coach: Ohio State's Urban Meyer

"Saban is 64, 13 years older than Meyer. I'm not saying Saban retires tomorrow, or even in the next couple of years, but I am thinking long-term. I love Harbaugh's personality, but of the three elite coaches mentioned above, Meyer combines the track record with the ability to win today and some longevity to boot."

We agree with his choice here. 

Star player: Stanford RB Christian McCaffrey

"It was tempting -- extremely tempting -- to go with Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson. He's easily the top signal-caller heading into next season on what could very well be a historically great offense. But I have to go with McCaffrey, my personal Heisman Trophy favorite last year."

We would've gone with Watson. 

Tradition: Notre Dame

"Notre Dame hasn't won a national championship since 1988 -- just more than 10,000 days ago, in fact -- but we're explicitly measuring history, and no one has it better than the Fighting Irish."

This is probably the right choice. 

Location: Louisiana

"If you want to keep a high percentage of blue-chip talent in state, Louisiana is your best bet. As a bonus, it sits next to Texas and near Florida and Georgia, so poaching is still a possibility."

This is 100 percent the right choice. No one has a better mix of in-state talent and no in-state competition for recruits than Louisiana. 

Stadium: Oregon's Autzen Stadium

:Autzen was one of those best-kept secrets for many years when it came to college football atmospheres. That's changed significantly in the last decade or so. That's due in part to the rise of the Ducks program coupled with more exposure from program's like College GameDay."

Eh, we're not sure about this choice. Autzen Stadium is great, but its capacity is far too low for the "perfect" college football program. You don't need to have a capacity of 100,000, but Autzen Stadium's 54,000-seat capacity is too small. 

Uniforms: UCLA

"In a day and age of alternate uniforms and unofficial third (and fourth, and fifth) colors, UCLA's home originals are a classic look. Plus, it's part of the best-looking rivalry in college football."

No arguments here. The move to Under Armour makes UCLA's uniforms especially intriguing, too. 

Fan base: Alabama

"I've been generally scientific thus far, backing up my choices with at least some stats. This is a selection based on feel, and I feel I want Alabama as my fanbase."

This is a fine choice, but what about a fan base like Nebraska, which has sold out every game since the 1960s?

You can read CBS' full feature here

What's your perfect college football program look like?