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With College Football Playoff Rankings Set To Be Announced, Here's What The BCS Standings Would Look Like Right Now

Tuesday night, college football fans will finally get to see the first official College Football Playoff rankings. For the first time in history, the top four teams will be afforded the chance to play for the national championship. It's fair to say that most fans are excited about the new system.

But if you're longing for the past, we've got an interesting graphic for you. A site called

A day late, but here’s what the #BCS would look like after Week 9 if it was still around:

— (@BCSKnowHow) October 27, 2014

" target="_blank">BCSKnowHow is still putting together rankings based on the old BCS system. Here's what they'd look like right now, after this past Saturday's slate of contests.

">October 27, 2014

That's right, five of the top eight teams would hail from the SEC - Mississippi State, Alabama, Auburn, Ole Miss and Georgia. And if we were to use this system to pick the four teams for the playoff, three of them would come from the same conference.

We'll soon find out how the list compares to what the selection committee unveils.