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Actual Play Name For Auburn's Miracle Touchdown Pass Is "Little Rock" According To Gus Malzahn

A tribute.

The Auburn Tigers are probably still on cloud nine from the miraculous win over Georgia last Saturday at home. Obviously, the world was amazed by the play in which Nick Marshall completed a 73-yard "hail mary" touchdown pass to Ricardo Louis, who caught it after it was tipped by two Georgia players.

There have been some interesting names given to the play, such as "The Miracle at Jordan-Hare" and "The Immaculate Deflection." Head coach Gus Malzahn prefers to call the play "Little Rock" -- he talked about it today on the Dan Patrick Show:

According to Malzahn, the actual name of the play (the play call that is, not the insane result from it that one instance) came from Little Rock, Arkansas, which served as the location for the state championship games he coached during his high school coaching career. Whatever you want to call it, it will go down as one of the most memorable plays of the season.