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Adam Schefter Is Getting Crushed For Interviewing Greg Hardy, What He's Said About It

Adam Schefter talks about his interview with Greg hardy.


Adam Schefter recently had a sit-down interview with Greg Hardy. The interview (in parts and in full) has been shown across ESPN's platforms today.

You can view some of the interview here

In the interview, Hardy, who is currently unsigned after playing for the Dallas Cowboys in 2015, says he has never hit a woman. Hardy was referencing the 2014 incident with his former girlfriend in which he allegedly hit her multiple times, causing what appeared to be significant injuries. The former Carolina Panther was charged and convicted, but the case was thrown out in 2015 after Hardy appealed. 

"I've never put my hand on any woman," Hardy says.

Schefter appeared on The Dan Patrick Show this morning to discuss the interview. 

A transcript of some of what Schefter said:

Schefter: What he meant by that was he feels like he should not have put himself in that situation around that woman at that time of night around alcohol, and that was his mistake he should never have done that. But in his mind he swears he never put a finger on this woman. And people can believe what they want.

Patrick: Do you believe it?

Schefter: Doesn’t matter what I believe Dan, right?


Schefter: I went in with the idea that this guy is a monster. I came out of there with a very different feeling. I came out of there feeling this is a guy who has managed to say the wrong things at the wrong time.

Schefter is now getting crushed for what he's said about Hardy and for interviewing him. One of his colleagues, Michelle Beadle, even criticized him on-air on ESPN for giving the NFL defensive lineman a platform. 

">April 5, 2016

Beadle isn't alone, either.

">April 5, 2016

">April 5, 2016

">April 5, 2016

">April 5, 2016

Schefter discussed the interview in-depth on The Dan Patrick Show today, but he's likely going to have to further defend his position in the coming days.