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An NHL Player Might've Gotten His Game 7 Ticket Stolen

Hopefully, Brandon Dubinsky still has his Game 7 ticket.

Brandon Dubinsky, a center for the Columbus Blue Jackets, has a ticket to tonight's World Series Game 7 in Cleveland between the Indians and the Cubs. He had a ticket, anyway.

Earlier today, Dubinsky posted a photo on Twitter of his ticket, showing the barcode (not shown in the photo below for reasons about to be explained).

An NHL player shows his Game 7 ticket for the World Series.

Posting a photo of a ticket with the barcode showing is a HUGE no-no, as someone can take the barcode, create their own ticket and get into the game if they get to the stadium before Dubinsky.

Dubinsky left the photo up on Twitter for roughly 10 minutes, before deleting it.

Hopefully he got to Progressive Field in time to use his ticket before some thief sneaks in using his barcode.

The average price of a ticket to tonight's game is $1,675, by the way.

Update: Dubinsky just posted the following on Twitter.