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Bryce Harper Loves Johnny Manziel, Because Bryce Harper Would

Makes sense.

Johnny Manziel made his much-anticipated return to the field on Saturday, and he didn't disappoint. Manziel managed to throw for 3 touchdowns in less than a half of play, and also taunted Rice with "show me the money" and autograph signing gestures.

Of course, the extracurricular activities drew a lot of attention, as many fans were hoping that Johnny would just let his play do the talking. While that obviously isn't what happened, it appears that Manziel has some pretty notable figures in his corner:

It's probably not a shocker that Harper would love Manziel -- the baseball star has been known for ruffling feathers his short MLB career. Harper and Manziel may in fact be the same person.

Manziel also caught the attention of Super Bowl-winning quarterback Joe Flacco, who finds himself rooting for the Heisman winner more and more as others get more fed up with his antics. Flacco said "Manziel is quickly becoming my favorite player in college football."

What an interesting bunch of fans for Johnny. We're sure that quite a few big names will chime in opinions on Manziel this season -- it's inevitable, and we're looking forward to see the different reactions.