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Colin Cowherd Says Max Kellerman Is Going To 'First Take,' Michelle Beadle Is 'Pissed Off'

Colin Cowherd says he knows who's replacing Skip Bayless on ESPN's First Take

The former Worldwide Leader employee, now at Fox Sports, says it's a "done deal" that Max Kellerman will take the chair opposite Stephen A. Smith on ESPN2's morning debate show. 

This upsets Kellerman's current co-host on SportsNation, Michelle Beadle, says Cowherd. 

"(She's) pissed off," he says. 

Fox Sports' radio personality made these comments during a Periscope broadcast on Monday afternoon. Cowherd was asked about his former show, SportsNation, which is co-hosted with Beadle at ESPN. 

“Michelle Beadle’s a friend,” Cowherd answered. “Max Kellerman’s leaving that show, he’s gonna be on First Take. It’s a done deal. Well, pretty much … Nobody knows [who his replacement will be on SportsNation]. Beadle likes Kellerman. That’s not gonna play well for Beadle. She’ll be upset. These blogs don’t know what’s going on. This stuff’s all done. It’s already a done deal. They’re like $100K apart in negotiations. He’s leaving SportsNation and Michelle Beadle’s pissed off.”

Kellerman, 42, was reportedly the front-runner for the position and it was his job to turn down, per The Big Lead. He's been co-hosting SportsNation with Beadle and Marcellus Wiley since 2013.