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College Basketball Fans Feel Betrayed By Brad Stevens' Departure For NBA

A sad day for college basketball fans.

In basketball, there is a substantial difference between the college and professional level. The rules, style of play, and the level of athleticism in particular vary widely between the two.

Many love both levels of competitions, but there are huge camps on both sides that think only their version of the game is "real" basketball.

That's why news like Brad Stevens' decision to join the Boston Celtics in lieu of chasing another deep run into the NCAA Tournament can be such a divisive issue. Many devotees of the college game will no doubt dislike the move, if for no other reason than the fact that their preferred form of the game has lost a respected, brilliant basketball mind that produced fun, hard-working and successful teams at the mid-major level.

If you don't believe me, then just turn your eye to the world's most powerful think tank - Twitter. Many college fans were heartbroken at Stevens' departure for the NBA:

Oh, whoops...sorry, that last one was mine. Here's to a quick return to college, Brad Stevens. You'll be dearly missed.