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College Professor's Extra Credit Question Will Blow Your Mind

Yes, we usually stick to writing about sports. But given the fact that we're currently in the lull between the spring and fall semesters, we figured we'd branch out a bit and bring you a different college-related story that's taken the country by storm. Yes, this one relates to academics.

University of Maryland professor Dylan Selterman, since 2008, has been giving his students the option to earn some extra credit at the end of the year - simply by answering one question. Somehow, only one class has figured out how to get it done. That's not a very high percentage.

What's the question, you ask? Junior Shahin Rafikian tweeted it out earlier this month. His post went viral, for obvious reasons.

In short, students are asked whether they'd like to earn an extra two points or an extra six points on their final grade. The catch? If more than 10% of the class picks six points, no students get extra credit. It's basically a variation of the prisoner's dilemma.

If you're wondering, this year's class didn't get the extra credit either - more than 10% chose six points. What would you do?