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Dallas Cowboys OC Scott Linehan Has Huge Praise For Ezekiel Elliott: "We Will Lean Heavily On This Young Kid"

With the news that running back Darren McFadden is out for two months with a broken elbow, there is even more pressure on rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott to be the workhorse for the Dallas Cowboys right away. According to offensive coordinator Scott Linehan, that's absolutely fine. Linehan spoke about his newest running back today, and had some effusive praise for the rookie out of Ohio State. It sounds like Elliott is living up to his reputation as an all-purpose back that excels in all facets of the game.

">June 15, 2016

On top of this, the Cowboys had Elliott returning kicks as well today. It is rare for a rookie, but you may see Elliott flying off fantasy football drafts in the first round this summer. By all accounts, he'll be getting plenty of snaps.