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Dallas Cowboys' Running Back Darren McFadden Suing Former Business Manager For $15 Million

Darren McFadden is suing his longtime business manager for $15 million, according to the Associated Press

The running back in his second season with the Dallas Cowboys has named Michael Vick (not the former NFL quarterback) and 10 others titled only as "Doe" in the lawsuit filed in Little Rock, Ark. The lawsuit alleges that McFadden's financials were misappropriated and mishandled by the business manager. 

Vick, a family friend of McFadden, told the AP that he had not yet seen the lawsuit and declined to comment. 

McFadden, 28, says he hired Vick coming out of Arkansas in 2008 before the Raiders selected him No. 4 overall. 

From the Dallas Morning News:

"It's just one of those things where going back and looking at everything numbers weren't adding up," McFadden said. "It's just something that's not right, so it's one of those deals where you want to go back and figure out what's going on and what went on."


McFadden said "the smart thing to do" now was to file a lawsuit against Vick in an effort "to recoup some things."

The lawsuit alleges Vick hid some of what he was doing from McFadden. 

The lawsuit said, according to The AP, that two days after McFadden's debut with the Raiders that Vick used fraudulent documents to gain power of attorney, and later fabricated fictitious financial records to hide what he was doing. McFadden said he discovered the fraud when Vick tried to sell him a building allegedly bought with the running back's own money.

McFadden, who'll compete for the Cowboys' starting running back position this preseason with No. 4 overall pick Ezekiel Elliott, has made an estimated $46.7 million over his career so far.

Dallas is currently in OTAs and begin mandatory minicamp on June 14. The team opens its season Sept. 11 against the New York Giants. 

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