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Danny Kanell Posts Emotional Message To Fans On Instagram

Danny Kanell talks about his QB criteria.

Earlier today Danny Kanell, former ESPN radio host, posted an emotional message to his fans on Instagram.

Radio host and college football analyst Danny Kanell was one of the many let go by ESPN during the layoffs that occurred in April, and today he posted a message of self-reflection on Instagram.

"Amidst all these emotional posts I want to make something clear...I'm pissed off. But I won't let my anger consume me. Sure I'll use it to motivate and to go out and kick some ass but I won't let it take away my happiness. Because happiness isn't found in a job, money, or a relationship with someone.

I spoke with Mack Brown the day I was let go and he offered some great advice that was simple and applicable. He told me this: Be better. Not bitter.

So that's what I choose today.

Be better. Not bitter. Thanks Mack!"

Kanell and Brown have a relationship dating all the way back to the early 1990s when Brown, then head coach at North Carolina recruited Kanell to play quarterback. Kanell eventually chose Florida State, but they've remained close over the years, eventually working together at ESPN.

Check out the entire post below:

At the very least, it's great that Kanell is choosing to find the positives in an otherwise unfortunate situation.