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ESPN Is Launching A New Website, "The Undefeated," Next Tuesday

ESPN logo on a black background.

The Undefeated

ESPN's new website, The Undefeated, will launch next week. 

The website, which describes itself as "the premier platform for exploring the intersections of race, sports and culture," will go live next Tuesday at 7 a.m. E.T., per's Richard Deitsch. 

ESPN originally planned for the site to be headed by Jason Whitlock, but that went poorly, as best described by Deadspin.

Kevin Merida, formerly of the Washington Post, is the site's editor-in-chief. 

">@TheUndefeated will launch at 7AM ET next Tuesday.

— Richard Deitsch (@richarddeitsch)

The @TheUndefeated will launch at 7AM ET next Tuesday.

— Richard Deitsch (@richarddeitsch) May 10, 2016

">May 10, 2016

Merida told Deitsch of his vision for the site back in November.

The Undefeated should be vibrant, soulful, smart, cool. And brave. Not predictable, not ideological, and never boring. The subject material is certainly there. Sports/race/culture is a rich mix that will keep on giving. We talk about The Undefeated as a site. But I see it as more than ‘a site,’ which is really a desktop concept in a mobile age of sharing content and discussing it online. We want to do the work that people will talk about and remember and share with their friends—long form, short form, provocative, engaging commentary, visually driven journalism, revelatory reporting, and all the rest. But ultimately we want to cultivate and grow an audience, an Undefeated community. So I could see us doing an Undefeated lecture series in which athletes talk about the things they rarely get asked about, like love, anger, leadership. You may see an Undefeated music video. We want to be digitally innovative, and to engage people not only on The Undefeated's site, but wherever they are.

You can view The Undefeated's stand-in site here