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Former NBA Big Man Tells Charles Barkley To "Stop Talking S--t"

Charles Barkley and Charles Oakley got into multiple scuffles during their NBA playing days. 

Maybe we'll get to see one between them now that they're in their early-50s. 

On Inside The NBA Wednesday night, Barkley ripped the Atlanta Hawks for allowing the Cleveland Cavaliers to showboat their way to an NBA Playoffs' 3-point record during a blowout Game 2 win. 

“The Atlanta Hawks gotta take somebody out,’’ Barkley said. 

Oakley, a Cleveland native, took exception to Barkley's comments, saying he was never tough and needs to "stop talking s--t." 

">May 5, 2016

TNT showed Oakley's tweet during their show and Barkley responded. “I don’t like him or dislike him; I don’t think about him. He’s not important enough for me to think about...He don’t like me. I have no idea why,” he said. Here are some videos of Barkley and Oakley going at it when they were in the NBA. 

The Cavs and the Hawks are set to play Game 3 on Friday night at 7 p.m. E.T. The game will be televised on ESPN.