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Watch: Adam Sandler Celebrates Anniversary Of Happy Gilmore

Adam Sandler with a monster tee shot.

Adam Sandler celebrates Happy Gilmore anniversary on his Twitter account.

There was only one way Adam Sandler could celebrate the 25th anniversary of Happy Gilmore, and that one way is showing the world that he can still launch a golf ball off the tee.

Sandler has made dozens of comedies over the past few decades, but Happy Gilmore has to be toward the top due to its originality and overall humor. A failed hockey player making it big as a golfer is just the perfect storyline for someone like him.

Even though Sandler is no longer at the peak of his athletic powers, the 54-year-old actor proved that he's still lethal with his "Happy Gilmore swing."

Sandler posted a brief clip of him crushing a ball off the tee with the caption "Happy loves you all! Thanks for everything!"

Check it out:

"It's been 25 years since I've done this," Sandler said prior to his tee shot. "Let's see what happens. Shooter McGavin, this is for you." After he showed that he's still got it, Sandler said "And I'm not lying to you that is're dead, Shooter." This video from Sandler already has over 50,000 likes in less than an hour on social media. It also received a hilarious response from Ben Stiller, who played a minor role in the film.

Talk about bringing back some good memories.

Kudos to Adam Sandler for this awesome tribute to one of his best characters.