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Brooks Koepka Reveals What Players Say About Bryson DeChambeau

Leaked Brooks Koepka video from PGA Championship..

Brooks Koepka continued his feud with Bryson DeChambeau during an appearance on ESPN's SportsCenter on Tuesday.

Koepka told SportsCenter host Matt Barrie he's received multiple calls and texts from current players essentially thanking him for how he's handled the DeChambeau situation.

"There's been a few laughs. A few 'I can't believe you did that, but I'm glad you did that.' It's been fun. I've gotten good response from a bunch of guys on tour," Koepka said during Tuesday's SportsCenter.

Take a look.

Brooks Koepka didn't stop there, though. He went on to blame Bryson DeChambeau for starting the feud years ago.

"Hypothetically speaking, Bryson walks up to you this week in Hartford. ... He comes up to you, he says, 'Brooksy, let's sit down over a beer and talk it out.' What do you say?" Barrie asked Koepka.

"There's not much to talk about. Everything's that's gone on. ... This whole thing started basically because of him. So, I'll leave it at that," Koepka responded.

It's time for golf to give fans what we both want and need. Pair Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau together in a tournament. The two have added a level of drama to golf the sport has rarely seen. And they continue to feud over the smallest of things.

There's no doubt DeChambeau is going to see what Koepka had to say about him during Tuesday's SportsCenter. We can't wait to hear how DeChambeau responds in coming days.