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Family Living By Golf Course Wins $5 Million Lawsuit Verdict

A golf ball falling into the cup.

(Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images)

A Massachusetts family that lives on a golf course has won a $5 million lawsuit.

This lawsuit was against a local country club after their house got struck by over 600 golf balls.

A Plymouth County Superior Court jury gave Erik and Athina Tenczar $4.93M back in December after they found that the country club was at fault for not protecting the couple's home.

Per NBC News, there have been multiple broken windows, one of which freaked out the young daughter in the Tenczar family.

“The continuous threat of golf ball strikes occurring at any time prevents the Tenczars from the use and enjoyment of their property,” a complaint in one of the lawsuits read. 

The family is hoping that this problem is now behind them and that no more golf balls will strike their home. In fact, the tee box on the 15th hole has been moved back which will allow golfers to try different shots that won't hit the house.