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Golf World Reacts To The Greg Norman, PGA Tour Drama

Greg Norman on the golf course.

NAPLES, FLORIDA - DECEMBER 12: Greg Norman looks on after during the final round of the QBE Shootout at Tiburon Golf Club on December 12, 2021 in Naples, Florida. (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)

Legendary golfer Greg Norman has sent a sharply-worded email to PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan blasting him for his stance on players considering joining the Saudi Golf Super League.

Norman, who is the commissioner of the fledgling Saudi operation, has been trying to woo current tour members with massive contracts. Thus far, it hasn't worked out, but that doesn't mean "The Shark" is going to stop trying.

In his letter to Monahan, Norman attacked him for saying that any golfer who leaves the PGA Tour for the Saudi league will have his membership revoked without expectation of getting it back.

“Simply put, you can’t ban players from playing golf,” Norman wrote. “Players have the right and the freedom to play where we like. I know for a fact that many PGA players were and still are interested in playing for a new league, in addition to playing for the Tour. What is wrong with that?

“What is wrong with allowing players to make their own decisions about where to play and how often to play? What is so wrong with player choice? Why do you feel so threatened that you would resort to such a desperate, unwise, and unenforceable threat?”

In addition to saying they would lose their membership, Monahan had another message for Phil Mickelson and others who may be tempted to defect to the Saudi-backed organization.

“I told the players we’re moving on and anyone on the fence needs to make a decision,” he said earlier this week.

Buckle up. It doesn't look like the Saudi league is going to stop recruiting big names on the PGA Tour anytime soon.