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Golf World Reacts To Paige Spiranac's Salary Joke

Popular Instagram golfer Paige Spiranac.

Paige Spiranac/Instagram.

Paige Spiranac had some fun on Twitter earlier on Sunday at the expense of a prominent golfer.

Pat Perez, who has joined LIV Golf, struggled pretty badly this weekend. 

The 46-year-old golfer shot in the 80s, but is reportedly taking home some big money.

"Pat Perez shooting 80 and making 900k. Damn I was shooting 80s in pro tournaments for free," Spiranac joked.

Hey, there's no shame in that, right?

"Just goes to show what a smart move Perez made. Because of team play he was able to leave with a decent Feeling instead of being totally bummed out. It was just one of those bad days. But he left with a smile and still had his buddies to laugh about it with," one fan argued.

"This is my kind of tourney. They used to make ME PAY, to shoot those kind of numbers. Weird world we live in," one fan added.

"So much for playing for trophies, greatness, being #1 or the love of the game. Golf for them has now become a job!" another fan admitted.

Paige Spiranac on social media.

LIV Golf might not be the most-popular sports league right now, but it's clearly paying well.