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John Daly Has Responded To Tiger Woods' Golf Cart Comment

John Daly drives a tee shot.

GRAND BLANC, MI - SEPTEMBER 14: John Daly hits his tee shot on the second hole during the first round of the Ally Challenge presented by McLaren at Warwick Hills Golf & Country Club on September 14, 2018 in Grand Blanc, Michigan. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Earlier this week, Tiger Woods made headlines when he criticized the PGA for allowing John Daly to use a golf cart during this year's PGA Championship. Daly has since responded.

Woods, who will tee off Thursday in search of his second major championship this year, noted that he had a broken leg earlier in this career and he didn't use a cart. Here's the quote:

"As far as JD taking a cart, well, I walked with a broken leg, so..."

USA Today caught up with Daly, who gave his take on the matter. He said that he wishes that Woods had "all the facts" before he made his statement.

"Might have been a different comment,’’ Daly, 53, told USA TODAY Sports. “As well as the Golf Channel Wednesday morning, when they bashed me pretty good, and a few others (who criticized Daly).’’

Daly added that he's been told by doctors that his knee injury can't be fixed, while Tiger was able to have surgery on his.

Daly has won five events on the PGA Tour - including the 1991 PGA Championship and the 1995 British Open. As such, he's afforded the opportunity to play those two tournaments every year.

It's very unlikely that Daly contends this week, so from that perspective, the PGA's decision shouldn't have an effect on the outcome. But it's clearly bothering at least one player.