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Look: Golf Fans React To Paige Spiranac's Viral Joke

Paige Spiranac on social media.

Paige Spiranac isn't just a golf enthusiast and social media celebrity; she's turning into quite the comedian. 

On Thursday, Spiranac, 29, had a pretty hilarious, sarcastic joke about a video of Matthew Fitzpatrick practicing tee shots while shirtless. 

"Is he a model or a golfer? Stop over sexualizing the beautiful game of golf," she joked. 

Somehow a few golf fans are picking up on her sarcasm. 

"She’s being sarcastic boys. Calm down. Take her tweet with some [humor]. Cmon guys," a fan said. 

"It pains me how dumb people can be," she said in response. 

"Hahaha. Reading those tweets was painful. Shes got a great sense of humour and I couldn’t believe some guys didn’t get that. Wowza," another fan wrote. 

Spiranac's comment also got a few racy responses in the comment section. 

"Post the same video, for comparative reaction purposes only," a fan tweeted.

"Less clothing = more aerodynamic = more speed," one fan said. 

Oh boy.