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Paige Spiranac Has Brutally Honest Comment On Male Sports Fans

Instagram golfer Paige Spiranac.


Sports are back - kind of, anyway.

Major League Baseball returned last week. Despite the outbreak within the Miami Marlins' organization, play is continuing. Commissioner Rob Manfred said on Monday night that he's hopeful the Marlins will be able to resume play later this week.

The NBA is set to return later this week, as well. The first official regular season games of the restart are set for Thursday evening.

MLS, the WNBA and the NHL are all back or coming back, too. We finally have a lot to watch on television.

Paige Spiranac posted a funny tweet in relation to sports fans on Monday evening. She joked about how loyal guys can be to their "dog s--t" sports teams through rebuilding years, but not do the same in relationships.

"If only guys supported their girls as much as they do their dog s--t sports teams through rebuilding years," she wrote.

One fan had a pretty solid response. "If my exes referred to tough times as 'rebuilding years' and didn’t act like Le’Veon Bell in a contract year, then they wouldn’t be exes," the fan wrote. Spiranac appreciated the response. "LOL you’re right. We suck too," she said back.

Maybe everyone in relationships could learn a thing or two from sports fans who support their teams through the tough times...